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Official Course Outline and Syllabus

E-4: Official Course Outline and Syllabus

Adoption Date: 05/18/92  |  Revision Date: 05/18/98 | Review Date: 12/04/18

Official Course Outline

Each credit course in the curriculum of Prairie State College shall have an approved official course outline developed by the faculty and in accordance with established administrative rules and procedures and appropriate course outline standards. Each faculty member assigned to teach a credit course shall be expected to teach the course in accordance with the official course outline.

A separate official course outline is to be supplied for each amount of credit to be earned in a course specified in the catalog as offered for variable credit. Each official course outline is to be identified by subheadings which correspond to each amount of credit, e.g., (a) ART 127, one [1] credit hour; (b) ART 127, two [2] credit hours.

All official course outlines shall be evaluated at least every three (3) years. Official course outlines shall be made available to all students and maintained in the office of the Dean of Math, Science and Curriculum.

Course Syllabus

Each faculty member who teaches a credit course shall prepare and distribute to students in each assigned class a course syllabus. This syllabus shall be distributed on the first day of class and shall be based upon the official course outline and course description and shall include adequate information about course objectives, methods of evaluating students, and other appropriate information such as grading and attendance policies, class schedule, required assignments, and text and reading requirements. A complete syllabus shall be prepared and submitted by the assigned faculty member to the appropriate instructional administrator and revised and resubmitted each time the objectives and official course outline of the course are changed.

The academic dean shall be responsible for maintaining a course syllabus for each faculty member under his/her supervision for each course taught.

Faculty members shall be encouraged to review their respective course syllabus in an effort to achieve reasonable commonality in course outcomes and where appropriate.

Prairie State College shall establish a Program Advisory Committee system to serve as a primary resource for advice and assistance to the College administration and the respective faculty responsible for a given program. Each Program Advisory Committee shall exist to serve the College and its students as well as the business and industrial sector in the continuing efforts to keep instructional standards,curricular content, and equipment current with respect to student needs and requirements of the local job market.

Each instructional program shall have a designated Program Advisory Committee. The same committee may serve more than one program, depending upon the relatedness of the programs and curricula, as determined by the Vice President of Academic Affairs or Vice President of Community & Economic Development.

In addition to the required advisory committees described above, additional advisory committees may be established, upon approval of the College President, to serve specific educational or student support programs.

The President shall establish administrative rules and procedures which will include the responsibilities of the Program Advisory Committee, selection of members, terms of membership, College representatives and their responsibilities, committee organization and schedule of meetings, and recognition and privileges of membership. The procedures also shall include the process for the annual review and evaluation of the Program Advisory Committee system.