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Grade Codes/Grade Point Average

F-4: Grade Codes/Grade Point Average

Adoption Date: 12/16/91  |  Revision Date: 03/15/99  |  Revision Date: 08/26/08  |  Revision Date: 03/26/13  |  Revision Date: 04/26/16 | Revision Date: 10/30/18

Prairie State College shall use the following system of symbols as official codes to evaluate and record the academic work of students:

  1. A - Superior Work: Four (4) grade points per credit hour.
  2. B - Above Average Work: Three (3) grade points per credit hour.
  3. C - Average Work: Two (2) grade points per credit hour.
  4. D - Below Average Work: One (1) grade point per credit hour.
  5. F - Failing Work: No (0) grade points per credit hour.
  6. S - Satisfactory Work/Non-Credit Course: Not figured in grade point average.
  7. N - Not Completed/Non-Credit Course: Not figured in grade point average.
  8. I - Incomplete: No (0) grade points, no credits, and not figured in grade point average. The "I" is available to students who, for valid reasons, are unable to fulfill course requirements by the end of a particular semester and have negotiated an extension with the instructor. Such an extension can be approved for one (1) semester only and is to include all of the following components:
    1. It is at the discretion of the instructor;
    2. It results only from situations which involve illness or other circumstances which are beyond the control of the student and which are not a result from neglect on the student's part;
    3. It includes a statement (on file in the appropriate dean's office) which outlines the terms for completion and is signed by both the instructor and the student;
    4. It is completed and the grade processed before the end of the next term (excluding summer session); wherein the course is only offered once per academic year, a two semester extension is permissible; and,
    5. It results in an "F" if not completed in the time specified.
  9. L - Prior Learning
  10. R - Credit by Examination
  11. W - Withdrawal: No (0) grade points, no credit, and not figured in grade point average. The "W" is available to students who officially withdraw from a class prior to the official withdrawal dates for the semester. In exceptional situations which may merit the commuting of a formal grade to a "W," students may request special consideration through submitting a "Request for Policy Waiver" form.
  12. FW - Failure Due to Unofficial Withdrawal: No (0) grade points, no credit, calculated in the grade point average. The “FW” is assigned to students who stop attending a course prior to the end of the enrollment period.
  13. U - Audit: No (0) grade points, no credit, and not figured in grade point average. A student who is not concerned with receiving college credit may enroll in a credit course and thereafter change to an audit status. An auditor attends class, but is not required to take examinations, write papers, or complete other academic course requirements. A student auditing a course receives no academic credit and may not change from audit to credit. A student who enrolls for credit may change from credit to audit through the 10 day of the th respective part of term excluding Sundays and holidays by completing the appropriate form in the Enrollment Services office. Faculty members should be notified by the Enrolllment Services office regarding the student's desire to audit.

Developmental Courses

Any course with a course number below one hundred (100) [as listed in the Class Schedule] is graded A, B, C, D, or F. However, since developmental courses are not eligible as part of the fulfillment of degree requirements, the grades earned in those courses shall not be included in the calculation of the official cumulative grade point average.