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Grievances/Complaints by Students

F-13: Grievances/Complaints by Students

Adoption Date: 03/16/92  |  Revision Date: 12/23/02  |  Revision Date: 09/23/08  |  Review Date: 02/26/19

Prairie State College shall provide an avenue through which students may request the review and consideration of an alleged, unjust, or improper practice or harassment on the part of the College, a member of the Board of Trustees, one or more employee(s), or other student(s).

Efforts to address and resolve grievances/complaints are to be made in a timely manner and in accordance with the following principles and general sequence:

  1. Every attempt is to be made to resolve the matter at the point of origin.
  2. If resolution is not forthcoming at the point of origin, the matter is to be appealed to the supervisor/coordinator of the area concerned.
  3. If the matter is yet unresolved, a written appeal (outlining the nature of the situation, steps taken to resolve it, and the outcome of these efforts) is to be submitted to the director or dean responsible for the area concerned.
  4. If the situation is yet unresolved, the student may submit a written appeal and related correspondence/records to the executive officer responsible for the area concerned. Appeals which allege capricious grading will be addressed by following the procedures for the review of alleged capricious grading.
  5. Following receipt of a written response from the appropriate vice president, and if still dissatisfied, the student may submit a written appeal and related correspondence/records to the College President for consideration.
  6. As a final College recourse, the student may appeal the decision of the President by submitting the matter in writing to the Board of Trustees.

The Vice President of Student Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness, or designee, shall serve to assist students, as necessary, in implementing or utilizing this policy. Confidentiality shall be maintained.

This policy shall be disseminated through the website.