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Mission of Child Care Services

F-23: Mission of Child Care Services

Adoption Date: 03/16/98  |  Revision Date: 06/27/05  |  Revision Date: 09/23/08

 The Board of Trustees does hereby recognize the following Mission Statement for Child Care Services:

Mission Statement:

  • Prairie State College shall serve the varied child care service needs of the diverse population throughout Community College District 515. Committed to enable students to enroll or take additional hours in pursuit of their educational goals, the Children’s Learning Center shall provide quality child care services to the children of students, employees, and the community. First priority shall be directed to children of students. Second and third priority shall be directed to children of employees and from the community, respectively.
  • The College’s child care services shall maintain highest levels of care with an emphasis on the total development and education of children. The College shall strive to identify and obtain external funding, while maintaining a low cost operation to keep child care services optimally accessible for its students.
  • Prairie State College shall provide child care services to:
    • (1) Toddlers, ages fifteen months to two years;
    • (2) Preschool children, ages two to six years; and
    • (3) Elementary school age children.
  • Dedicated to respond to increased needs and demands, the hours of services of the Child Care Center shall be extended, provided space is available, to accommodate the above-identified populations and to care for: (1) elementary school children after normal public school hours; and (2) evening care hours for age groups from eighteen months - up to and including twelve years of age.