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F-11: Student Government Association

Adoption Date: 06/15/92  |  Revision Date: 12/16/02  |  Revision Date: 10/21/08 | Review Date: 12/04/18

The Board of Trustees shall authorize the development and adoption of a Constitution which creates and directs a Prairie State College Student Government Association. Amendments to the Constitution shall be approved as outlined in the document.

Members of the Student Government Association shall be selected as described in the Constitution and shall serve as representatives of the student body and be accountable to it, the appropriate student organizations, the College, and the Board of Trustees.

The Student Government Association shall be specifically charged with the following rights and responsibilities:

  1. To adopt, amend, and act in accordance with its Constitution;
  2. To act upon matters of interest and concern to the student body (cultural, educational, social, recreational, etc.);
  3. To administer designated funds allocated from the student activities and services fee in a manner consistent with fiscal accountability, Board policy, and administrative procedures and with the approval of designated College personnel;
  4. To develop and maintain an open avenue of communication with student constituents regarding both matters of concern as well as opportunities for involvement within the Student Government Association and/or other registered student organizations;
  5. To provide opportunities for the development of leadership skills;
  6. To serve as a link for students directly to the College through the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs; and
  7. To provide input to and receive information from the Board of Trustees in accordance with Board practice.

Students who possess 60 credit hours or more, or who have graduated from Prairie State College are ineligible to seek and hold executive positions in Student Government Association and executive positions in any recognized club or organization.