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Student Identification Cards

F-9: Student Identification (ID) Cards

Adoption Date: 09/17/90  |  Revision Date: 06/29/98

Prairie State College shall require all students to obtain an official Prairie State College student identification (ID) card. This ID card shall be considered the official identification for students and as necessary to present for access to libraries, designated labs, recreation facilities, and other services. The identification (ID) cards shall remain the property of the College and shall be presented to College officials upon request. For ID card validation, a student must be registered.

Only the most recently issued ID card is valid. A student may have only one photo ID card in his or her possession. A replacement card can be obtained free of charge if there is a name change or the card is damaged.

Fraudulent use or fraudulent reproduction of a Prairie State College student identification (ID) card is prohibited. Violators shall be referred to the College’s judicial officer, as designated by the College President for appropriate disciplinary consideration and action, and/or to local police authorities.