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Student Request for Policy Waiver

F-14: Student Request for Policy Waiver

Adoption Date: 09/17/90  |  Revision Date: 06/29/98  |  Revision Date: 06/23/08

 Prairie State College shall provide a process whereby a waiver of stated College policies and/or procedures may be requested by students in the event of extraordinary circumstances. Certain programs may have specific policies and procedures related to enrollment status, program participation, and appeal. Such requests shall be reviewed by College personnel on a case-by-case basis and ruled upon in accordance with the principles of consistency, fairness, and academic/institutional integrity.

The Division of Academic Affairs, through the designee of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, shall serve as the principal review agent for such requests. The appeal may be made to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and, if not resolved, to the College President. Final authority for the action of an appeal for waiver shall be before the Board of Trustees upon presentation by the President