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Appointment of Full Time, Temporary and Adjunct Faculty

G-12: Appointment of Full Time, Temporary and Adjunct Faculty

Adoption Date: 05/18/92  |  Revision Date: 03/16/98

Full-Time Faculty

Full-time faculty positions shall be created upon recommendation of the College President and with the approval of the Board of Trustees. Full-time appointments and continued employment of full-time faculty shall be made upon recommendation by the College President with the approval of the Board.

In the hiring of faculty, the College is to adhere to College policies giving special attention to thorough background inquiries in prior positions. Special consideration is also to be given to a balanced staff in order to increase the likelihood of a staff that is both heterogeneous and collegial. To this end, differentiated, experiential, and geographic backgrounds are to be actively sought. In all instances, however, the overriding consideration is clearly to be the obtainment of the most outstanding applicant possible within affirmative action/equal opportunity guidelines and the financial capability of the district. To assist in achieving the standards of employment, interview expenses shall be authorized for those interviewed who live more than one hundred (100) miles from the College.

Temporary Faculty

When unusual circumstances necessitate the employment of a faculty member on a temporary contract, the President shall be authorized to make the initial employment in the best interests of the College, subject to subsequent approval by the Board of Trustees. Temporary faculty appointment(s) must meet minimum qualifications for the position, as per Board Policy E-1, Minimum Qualifications to Teach. Such appointments carry all responsibilities and benefits of a full-time faculty appointment but shall be for one or two semesters and shall carry no intention or expectation for continued employment after the conclusion of the specified contract period.

A faculty member on a temporary contract may apply for any full-time faculty position for which he/she meets minimum qualifications. If such individual is subsequently approved to a full-time tenure track position, the semester(s) spent on a temporary contract shall apply toward consideration of award of tenure.

Adjunct Faculty

The President shall be authorized to initiate the employment of qualified candidates as adjunct faculty, with the appointment and identification of each individual adjunct faculty member and the amount of payment to be forthcoming each term upon recommendation of the President and subsequent approval by the Board of Trustees.