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Employee Professional and Program Development

G-38: Employee Professional and Program Development

Adoption Date: 03/18/98 |  Revision Date: 08/26/08 

Prairie State College, as a comprehensive community college, recognizes the need for the continuous and progressive development of its programs and services, as well as the ongoing professional development of its faculty, support staff and administrative employees.

The College operates in a dynamic environment influenced by relationships to the community, and strives to offer programs that are creative, innovative and responsive to its Mission as well as to the needs and interests of the district, region and State. The College must set forth its vision for the future and the strategic directions by which to direct resources and channel energies.

The College shall provide a number and variety of quality professional developmental opportunities to all members of the College community. Such opportunities shall reflect commitments to:

  • Develop in directions true to the College’s Philosophy, Mission and Goals and consistent with its Strategic Agenda;
  • Provide for new and improved programs and services as well as for enhanced, cost-effective operations; and
  • Be consistent with applicable provisions of collective bargaining agreements; and
  • Provide high quality personal, career, and professional development and training opportunities through on- and off-campus workshops, seminars, coursework, association memberships, internships, lectures, conventions, conferences, and other programs consistent with this policy.

The College President shall be responsible for development of administrative procedures to provide for employee professional and program development opportunities.