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Employee Workers' Compensation Benefits

G-5: Employee Workers' Compensation Benefits

Adoption Date: 09/17/90  |  Revision Date: 02/16/98  |  Revision Date: 08/26/08

Prairie State College shall provide workers' compensation insurance to all employees of the College as required by the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act (Illinois Revised Statutes, Chapter 48, Section 138.1).

  1. All employees are covered under workers' compensation insurance for accidents occurring on the job.
  2. Except in emergency cases, employees are required to immediately report work-related accidents to their supervisor or the Office of Human Resources & Employee Relations prior to seeking medical attention. Sick leave benefits are coordinated with workers' compensation benefits during short-term periods of absence.
  3. Employees or family members must complete a "Workers' Compensation Accident Report" form available in the Office of Human Resources & Employee Relations within seven (7) work days of the accident.
  4. Employees have two options from which to choose when lost time is incurred due to a workers' compensation claim:
    1. Receive workers' compensation pay from the insurance company without loss of sick leave time; or
    2. Continue to receive regular pay in lieu of workers' compensation and charge the difference between workers' compensation pay and regular pay to sick leave.