G-9: Tenure of Faculty

Adoption Date: 05/18/92  |  Revision Date: 03/16/98  |  Revision Date: 09/21/99 | ReviewDate: 12/04/18

The purpose of this policy is to implement 110 ILCS 805/3B-1 et seq. of the Illinois Public Community College Act and as it may be amended from time to time.


  1. Full-Time Teaching Faculty: Designation of a teaching position involving regular instructional duties of at least thirty (30) equalized semester credit hours per school year.
  2. Full-Time Academic Support Faculty: Designation of an academic support position involving a regular work week of at least thirty-five (35) hours during the regular academic year, i.e., the fall and spring semesters, excluding the summer session. Such positions include coordinators, facilitators, specialists, librarians, and counselors.
  3. Academic Year: The academic year shall include the fall and spring semesters and shall not include the summer session.
  4. Term: Fall, spring, or summer sessions within a school year.
  5. Notice: Written notice delivered in person or deposited in the United States mail by certified or registered mail, postage pre-paid, and addressed to the faculty member's last known address. It is the responsibility of the faculty members to provide the College with their correct address.
  6. Tenure: Continuous contractual employment unless dismissed for just cause or due to a decision of the Board of Trustees to decrease the number of faculty members employed by the College or to discontinue some particular type of teaching service or program.
  7. Seniority: Length of continuous full-time employment since the last date of hire as a full-time faculty member. (Conflicts in seniority among faculty with the same beginning date of continuous employment shall be resolved on the basis of the earliest date on the initial contract of employment.)



Faculty members shall be eligible for tenure in accordance with the provisions of Article 110 ILCS 805/3B-1 et seq., Illinois Revised Statutes. The Board reserves the right to extend the probationary period of a non-tenured faculty member to four (4) years in accordance with Article 110 ILCS 805/3B-1 et seq. of the Illinois Revised Statutes.

Coordinators shall be eligible for tenure only as faculty members.

Because tenure confers special rights and privileges on the recipient, the Board shall act to extend tenure only to qualified individuals who are eligible and who have received the highest recommendation based upon the faculty evaluation system.


Tenure recommendations for eligible faculty members shall be initiated by the appropriate dean or director who shall consider administrative and student evaluations, input from appropriate faculty, portfolio, and other relevant materials. Deans or directors shall submit their recommendations in writing by January 15 (June 1 for faculty members hired at the start of the spring semester) to the supervising vice- president who shall submit recommendations to the President for his/her review and recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

The President shall submit any recommendation(s) on the granting of tenure to the Board of Trustees no later than the February (or September for faculty members hired at the start of the spring semester) Board meeting. If the Board of Trustees decides to non-renew the contract of a non-tenured faculty member, the Board shall give notice thereof to the faculty member not later than sixty (60) days before the end of the school year or term.

Extension of Contract to a Non-Tenured Faculty Member

The Board may at its option, extend another one-year contract to the nontenured faculty member for an additional academic year should the recommendation for tenure not be submitted by the established due date(s) or should another reason be applicable. In such instances, the Board shall state the corrective action to be taken to satisfactorily complete the service requirements for tenure. The reason for the extension shall be confidential, but issued to the faculty member upon request.

The Board may at any time after the one-year extension has been adopted, and before the sixty (60) day notification for the following year, reconsider and act upon an administrative recommendation for tenure based upon satisfactory completion of the corrective action. If the corrective action is not satisfactorily completed, and an administrative recommendation for tenure is not forthcoming, proper notification shall be made and no further contract shall be offered.