Password Tips

Passwords should be long and complex. We've all heard this before, but there's a good reason. Most hackers use automated tools to try to crack passwords at a rate of thousands (or more) per second. Passwords that are short, contain words that can be found in a dictionary, or that include easily guessable information, are very easy for these tools to figure out.

In addition to being long and complex, passwords should not be used in more than one place. If you use the same password in multiple places, and an attacker manages to figure out your password on one website, they are likely to try it elsewhere. These compromised passwords also make it into lists of passwords that other hackers and automated tools use in their efforts to break into your accounts.

To help create and remember your passwords, consider using an industry-recognized password manager. These programs will securely store your credentials and make it easy to use strong, unique passwords for all of the services you use.