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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

We need to keep pace with a rapidly changing society and educational landscape. As budgets continue to constrict, we must establish priorities that drive the allocation of resources. An institution with a plan of action is more likely to achieve success than an institution without one. It is an expected business practice for educational institutions.


  • provides clear priorities and direction for the institution
  • allows us to proactively confront the factors impacting the future of PSC
  • offers a framework for looking at internal and external forces and evaluating institutional strengths and challenges in order to plan  future actions to enable us to achieve our mission
  • supports informed decision-making
  • promotes organizational effectiveness
  • assures that we are responding to stakeholder expectations and external mandates

The 2018-2023 Strategic Plan includes five goals and 20 strategies the college will implement to achieve our mission and support continued student success. The plan will guide resource allocation and drive key actions designed to move PSC forward during the next four years.

The college engaged in an integrated, participative, data-informed planning process. In Phase I, we collected internal and external data and solicited feedback from our constituents. We administered the Student Satisfaction Inventory survey to garner students’ perspectives. An employee survey and district employer survey also were conducted.

In Phase II, a Strategic Planning Team – with representation from faculty, administrators, staff, Board of Trustees, students, and Foundation – participated in four workshops. The team reviewed data and assessed institutional strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats. They also considered the goals of other planning efforts at the college, including Strategic Enrollment Management Planning and the Academic Affairs Strategic Plan. Based on these informed discussions, institutional priorities were identified.

In Phase III, the Planning and Quality Improvement Committee used the priorities to develop the 2018-2023 goals and strategies. Four open forums provided opportunity for additional feedback before the plan was finalized.

During Phase IV, the college is developing action plans under the guidance of committees that will oversee implementation of the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan.