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Student Profile

Our current enrollment of 12,226 students reflects a student body that is 60 percent female and 40 percent male. Fifty-five percent of our students attend PSC part-time, 45 percent full-time. Daytime students comprise 61 percent of our population, with evening and Saturday students accounting for the remaining 39 percent. All students commute to college, and the majority of our students live within our district boundaries.

Because of our diverse district, encompassing rural farmlands, urban expanses, sprawling country clubs and suburban stretches, PSC's student body is diverse. At Prairie State College you'll find students in their teens and in their 70s, male and female, the very educated and the educationally lacking. Your classmates will be of different colors, shapes and sizes, some of them even coming to PSC through our new International Students program.

Students come to PSC for different reasons and different educational goals. Nearly half of our credit students come in search of a transfer (AA or AS) degree. The associate in applied science is also very popular, drawing slightly more than 25 percent of our students. Those seeking certificates, associate in science degrees, associate in general studies degrees and other achievements make up the rest of the credit student population.

Non-credit students are perhaps even more diverse than credit students. They include students taking personal interest classes to learn a new skill or begin a hobby, plus immigrants who are learning to speak English, corporate business men and women who are being trained in a new area of their profession, and families who are just beginning to learn to read.