Dental Hygiene - Patient Rights

Your Responsibilities as a Patient

Your RIGHTS as a patient and partner in your dental hygiene care include:

  1. Considerate and respectful care.
  2. Treatment that is most appropriate for your oral health which is consistent with the standard of care in dental hygiene.
  3. To be fully informed concerning your dental hygiene diagnosis and treatment from the PSC Dental Hygiene Student in terms you can understand.
  4. To receive necessary information from the PSC Dental Hygiene Student to give informed consent prior to the start of your care.
  5. To know the names and responsibilities of the people treating you.
  6. The opportunity to refuse treatment permitted by law and still be informed of the medical and legal consequences of your decision.
  7. To receive every consideration of your privacy concerning your own dental hygiene care program.
  8. To expect that all communications and records pertaining to your care will be treated as confidential information.
  9. To expect that a reasonable response for services requested will be made to the fullest capabilities of the PSC Dental Hygiene Student and PSC Dental Hygiene Faculty.
  10. To expect continuity and completion of your dental hygiene care.
  11. To have advanced knowledge of the cost of treatment.

Your health and dental hygiene care are important to us.
When we work as PARTNERS, you will get the best dental hygiene care possible.

Because of the dental hygiene process of care that the students will perform during their assessment of your needs, appointment availability in our dental hygiene clinic has become extremely limited. Broken appointments (those not cancelled 24 hours in advance) may result in our need to refer you to other sources for the completion of your treatment.