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Business and Economics Professors

PSC’s Business instructors bring to the classroom real-world business experience and excellent teaching credentials.

Joseph Berlinski
Professor, Business
email: jberlinski@prairiestate.edu
phone: (708) 709-3565
Office: Room 2213

Brian Donovan (Chair)
Assistant Professor, Information Technology
email: bdonovan@prairiestate.edu 
phone: (708) 709-2959
office: Room 2184

Colleen Ivancic
Assistant Professor, Accounting and Business
email: civancic@prairiestate.edu
phone: (708) 709-3664
Office: Room 2182

Marci Schusler
Professor, Business
B.S. University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana
M.B.A. St. Xavier University
M.O.T. Certified Master Online Teacher
email: mschusler@prairiestate.edu
phone: (708) 709-7806
office: Room 2202