Communication 101

COMM 101- Principles of Communication is a course in the theory and practice of interpersonal, group and public communication. Emphasis is placed on the speaker's confidence, audience adaptation, and discovery of ideas, organization and delivery. Students are given opportunities to improve their speaking and critical listening skills.

In addition to public speaking, the course includes information about and practice in interpersonal communication and group discussion. This approach gives students exposure to important aspects of human communication in addition to public speaking

Every semester, the College offers more than 20 sections of COMM 101 at virtually every time of the day and evening hours. In order for the course to be transferable to any college or university in Illinois, the course must require three substantial speeches, including at least one informative and one persuasive speech. All sections meet this requirement.

In addition, all sections of COMM 101 include the Career Research and Presentation Project. This project gives students the opportunity to explore careers of interest to them. Some students discover a career in this way, while many others verify that their career choice is a good one. Some students, however, are challenged to rethink their career goals as they discover that their interests, skills and values might not match the career they were thinking about. With help from career counselors and the college's librarians, this project provides all PSC students with a valuable opportunity to think and learn about careers.