Honors Communication 101

General Information

  • Honors COMM 101 has the same objectives as any COMM 101.
  • Honors COMM 101 earns students the same transferable credit hours as they would earn in any other COMM 101 class.
  • Honors COMM 101 is not more difficult than any other COMM 101 class, but it is different.

How Is Honors COMM 101 Different?

  • Class size is limited to a maximum of 18 students.
  • The class offers more opportunities for interaction among class members and with the instructor.
  • Assignments that allow for student creativity replace most tests.
  • Students usually say the course is more challenging and exciting.
  • At least one field trip or guest speaker is included each term.

For Information About Honors COMM 101:

Contact Elighie Wilson at (708) 709-7767 or email .

For Information About Becoming an Honors Student:

Contact Alanna Cotch, Honors Coordinator at (708) 709-3654.