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Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is an elected group of full-time faculty members representing all of the academic divisions of the College: Liberal Arts and Social Science; Business, Mathematics and Science; Allied Health and Emergency Services; Library; Counseling; and Adult Education. 

It is a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate, which is the academic committee of our full-time faculty union (Prairie State College Federation of Teachers, Local 3816, AFT, AFL-CIO).  This committee meets twice monthly during the academic year, and all curriculum must be approved by this committee.

Committee members are elected each Fall, and serve until a new committee is elected the following fall.  Curriculum Committee members for 2018-2019 include:

  • Jackie Dennis
  • Melanie Eddins-Spencer
  • Jennifer Eick-Magan (Vice Chair)
  • Jason Evans
  • Sarah Hein
  • Georgia Karras (Chair)
  • Thane Montaner
  • Justin Pariseau
  • Mohammed Salami
  • Dana Trunell
  • Julie Wedster
  • Linda Zroskie

PSC Curriculum Approval Process

Programs and courses are subject to peer review as they develop, change, and are discontinued.

Faculty Initiate Curriculum Action Coordinator and Chair Approval Dean Approval Curriculum Committee Review / Approval Vice President Approval Board of Trustees Approval
(if needed)
ICCB approval
(if needed)