Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is an elected group of full-time faculty members representing all of the academic divisions of the College: Liberal Arts and Social Science; Business, Mathematics and Science; Allied Health and Emergency Services; Library; Counseling; and Adult Education. 

It is a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate, which is the academic committee of our full-time faculty union (Prairie State College Federation of Teachers, Local 3816, AFT, AFL-CIO).  This committee meets twice monthly during the academic year, and all curriculum must be approved by this committee.

Committee members are elected each Fall, and serve until a new committee is elected the following fall. Curriculum Committee members for 2022-2023 include:

  • Monique Campbell
  • LaTia Collins
  • Cyndi Cornejo
  • Annette Dolph (Dean)
  • Melanie Eddins-Spencer
  • Sarah Hein
  • Hyrum LaTurner
  • Thane Montaner
  • Mohammed Salami
  • Medhat Shaibat
  • Angela Simpson