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Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology

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Industrial Technology

Industrial technology encompasses jobs that are involved with the operation, management, and maintenance of the complex technological systems found in almost any industry or facility. Prairie State College’s Industrial Technology programs offer students an opportunity to explore a broad number of career choices depending on their skills and interests.

Automotive Technology

A career in Automotive Technology offers students an opportunity to learn high-tech skills using computerized diagnostic tools and engine analyzers to service today’s complicated vehicles. An A.A.S. degree and a variety of certificates are offered.

CAD/Mechanical Design Technology Program

This program prepares students for careers as drafters, mechanical designers, and CAD technicians. Those employed in this profession prepare technical drawings and plans, which are used to build everything from manufactured products to structures.

Heating, Ventilation, and A/C

As businesses and individuals want more energy efficient and environmentally responsible systems, the need for highly trained HVAC technicians grows. PSC offers a certificate program to gain entry-level employment as air conditioning and heating technicians.

Industrial Electrician

The world continues to become more wired and the proliferation of electrical systems creates a need for skilled electricians to meet the demands of a variety of industries. Prairie State is meeting those needs offering training in electronics as well as teaching the skills needed to become an electrician.

Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Technology is a combination of a technical (math/science) education with hands-on skills. It is a field of study that specializes in the application of manufacturing concepts, principles and processes to plan, design and manage machines and people.


Today’s industries rely on trained machinists and skilled machine operators to produce precision components. Prairie State offers several degrees and certificates providing the high-tech training required for today’s workplace including CNC Programmer/Operator, Hydraulics, Technician, Machinist, and Millwright.


A wide variety of industries require welders to build and repair machines, products, and structures. The training at Prairie State allows students to become proficient with the tools and techniques in a variety of phases of welding.