Mathematics Courses

The following is a list of all Math courses currently offered at Prairie State. Courses that count for Gen Ed credit towards graduation and indicated with a “(G).” Courses that will automatically transfer to other Illinois institutions that participate in the Illinois Articulation Initiative are indicated with an “(IAI).” For course descriptions, see the Prairie State College Course Catalog

Transferring from Prairie State and need an official course outline showing what was covered in your course? Please email the Department Chair at

Math 085: Foundations for Algebra
Math 085 webpage

Math 090: Elementary Algebra
Math 090 webpage

Math 091: Mathematical Literacy

Math 093: Preparation for College Algebra – 5 credit hours
Math 093 webpage

Math 094: College Algebra Co-requisite – 1 credit hour
Math 094 webpage

Math 099: Essentials of Numeracy and Algebra

Math 112: General Education Mathematics (G, IAI)

Math 115: General Education Statistics (G, IAI)

Math 151: College Algebra
Math 151 webpage

Math 153/BUS 240: Probability and Statistics (G, IAI)

Math 155: Finite Mathematics (G, IAI)

Math 157: Calculus for Business and Social Science (G, IAI)

Math 165: Pre-Calculus (G, IAI)

Math 171: Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (G, IAI)

Math 172: Calculus with Analytic Geometry II (G, IAI)

Math 173: Calculus with Analytic Geometry III (G, IAI)

Math 200: Mathematics for Elementary Teaching I (IAI)

Math 206: Mathematics for Elementary Teaching II (G, IAI)

Math 210: Discrete Mathematics (G, IAI)

Math 216: Differential Equations (IAI)

Math 220: Linear Algebra (IAI)