Math 151

College Algebra - 4 Credit Hours - 4 Lecture Hours

Course Objectives

View a detailed list of course objectives: PDF.

Formula Sheet

View the final exam formula sheet: PDF.

Final Exam Review

View the final exam review problems: PDF.

Additional Comments

All Math 151 students are given the same comprehensive departmental final exam. The exam consists of 40 multiple-choice problems. All exam problems are based directly on the course objectives. Individual instructors may add additional multiple choice or free response questions to the exam. The individual classroom instructor is responsible for all other tests, quizzes, and assignments.

All regular daytime sections of Math 151 take their finals at the same time. The final exam is normally scheduled for the Tuesday of finals week from 1 to 2:50 p.m. Evening, Friday, and weekend sections follow the regular final exam schedule. Online classes will take their final anytime between 12:01am and 11:59pm on Tuesday of finals week.

Math 151 does not fulfill the general education math requirement. Students should not take College Algebra unless it is a prerequisite for a later course.

The TI-83/84 Graphing Calculator is required for this course.