Frequently Asked Questions

How are my placement test scores used to place me into a math class?
You are placed into a course based on your ALEKS placement score using the score cutoff table.
Student unhappy with their placement are encouraged to study and re-take the placement test.

After taking the placement test, I believe that I was incorrectly placed in a mathematics class. What can I do?
Your fee for the ALEKS placement test covers 5 attempts, plus an online learning module you can use to study.  If you
think you have been placed incorrectly, please use the learning module, then re-take the placement test. 

If you believe you have an extremely unusual circumstance, you may present transcripts, placement test scores,
and other documentation (e.g. ACT or SAT scores) as evidence of incorrect placement to the math department
chairperson or coordinator. If appropriate, a written placement test will be scheduled. Students exercising this
option will not be allowed to move up more than one course.  Please note that you must have evidence to justify
that you were incorrectly placed.  You cannot exercise this option simply because you would rather take a different

The class I need to take is closed. What can I do?
You need instructor consent to enroll in a closed course. The classroom instructor is the ONLY person who can give you consent. You will need to find a section that is not closed.

Why must I take so many math classes that don't count toward my degree?
The Illinois Articulation Initiative requires geometry and intermediate algebra as prerequisites for any transferable, college-level math course. If your transcripts or placement scores indicate deficiencies in these areas, you will be required to take developmental math courses until the prerequisites are met.

I would like to take Math 200 and Math 206 during the same semester. Is this possible?
Absolutely not. You must successfully complete Math 200 with at least a C before being allowed to enroll in Math 206. There are no exceptions to this rule.

I missed my departmental final exam. Can I make it up?
You must discuss this problem with your individual instructor. All of your instructor's classroom policies remain in effect through the final exam. Whether or not a make-up is allowed depends on your instructor's individual policies. No one can allow or administer a make-up exam without instructor consent.

Are there any math courses that I can test out of, yet still receive credit for?
For information on proficiency testing, please visit the testing center page.