Frequently Asked Questions

How will COVID affect my Math classes?
In the 2021-2022 academic year the Math department is offering smaller class sizes for social distancing, and also offering some classes as hybrid (partially online) or fully online to help students with scheduling.

For more information on COVID policies for the entire college, please visit the PSC COVID-19 Information Page

What math class(es) do I need to take?
Make sure you consult with an advisor to determine the class(es) required for your major. If you did not place directly into the class you need, you will want to plan out your path to make sure you can complete your math by the semester you wish to graduate.

The Math department has created a math pathways chart that shows the multiple pathways through our department.

How will I be placed into my math class?
The PSC Math department uses multiple measures to correctly place you. If you are headed toward classes at/above College Algebra (Math 151) and or you need Math for Elementary Teachers, you will be placed via either your SAT/ACT score or your ALEKS placement test score (ALEKS score cutoff table)

If you only need a Gen Ed Math course for your degree, Math 112 (General Education Math) or Math 115 (General Education Statistics), you can be placed directly into that class if you meet any of the following requirements:

  1. Appropriate college entrance/high school assessment exam Math score
    a. ACT subsection score of 22 or higher in Mathematics
    b. SAT Math score of 530
    c. PARCC Math score of 4 or 5
  2. High school cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on an unweighted 4.0 scale with a successful completion of a 4th year of math.
  3. Completion of a transitional Math class (“Mathematical Literacy”) at the high school level with a grade of “C” or better
  4. A GED score of 165 or comparable score on other high school equivalency tests.
  5. Successful completion of an appropriate developmental course in mathematics at another regionally accredited college or university.

Test scores such as ACT/SAT and ALEKS are valid for 18 months from the date of the test.

Additionally, if you place at the level of Math 095 (Intermediate Algebra) by either ACT/SAT or the ALEKS placement test, you have the option of taking Math 112 or Math 115 with an additional one-credit Math 099 course.

My advisor says I need Geometry. What do I do?
Only two Math courses require Geometry as a pre-requisite: College Algebra and Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I. If you received a C or better in both semesters of high school Geometry, all you need to do is bring in your high school transcript and you will have fulfilled the Geometry requirement. Otherwise you will need to complete an online Geometry module through ALEKS (note: this is not the same thing as the placement test). For more information about Geometry, please contact Lisa Hansen, ahansen@prairiestate.edu

After taking the placement test, I believe that I was incorrectly placed in a mathematics class. What can I do?
Your fee for the ALEKS placement test covers 5 attempts, plus an online learning module you can use to study.  If you
think you have been placed incorrectly, please use the learning module, then re-take the placement test.

How can I move through my required classes faster?
If you need only a Gen Ed Math class for your degree (Math 112 or Math 115) you can replace both Math 090 and Math 095 with Math 091 (one semester, 6 credit hours). Also, if you place into Math 095, you can instead take Math 112 or Math 115 with the 1 credit add-on of Math 099. For more information, please discuss this with your advisor.

The class I need to take is closed. What can I do?
You need instructor consent to enroll in a closed course. The classroom instructor is the ONLY person who can give you consent. To request consent from an instructor, you can find their contact information on our Faculty page. Otherwise you will need to find a section that is not closed.

I missed my departmental final exam. Can I make it up?
You must discuss this problem with your individual instructor. All of your instructor's classroom policies remain in effect through the final exam. Whether or not a make-up is allowed depends on your instructor's individual policies. No one can allow or administer a make-up exam without instructor consent.

Are there any math courses that I can test out of, yet still receive credit for?
For information on proficiency testing, please visit the testing center page.