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Information For Instructors

Information For Instructors

Below are links to individualized information about some of our commonly taught classes. If the class you are teaching is not listed below, feel free to contact the Chair or Coordinator for more information.  

Math 091
Math 093
Math 112
Math 115
Math 151
Math 165
Math 171/172/173


  • Classes meet for 16 weeks, then meet once during final exam week according to the final exam schedule.
  • All sections of Math 091, 093 and 151 use a common final exam in Fall/Spring semesters. In summer semesters, instructors may re-use a copy of a previous semester's exam by requesting this from the Chair.
  • For all classes besides Math 091, 093 and 151, the individual instructor is required to write their own final exam.
  • All instructors are responsible for completing a 10th day verification and midterm verification (through Pioneer Portal) to verify who is attending your class.
  • All courses must follow the official course outline. In particular, all sections must cover the required topics, and must be graded according to department policy. You can get a copy of the official course outline from the G:\ drive on campus computers, by submitting a request to Support Services or by emailing the Math Dept chair.
  • All syllabi must follow the department guidelines . For your convenience, for many courses the department provides a syllabus template that follows all of the guidelines.
  • You must turn in your syllabus to the Coordinator and Assistant to the Dean by the first day of class. Any changes to your syllabus must be distributed to your students in writing, and also updated with the Coordinator and Assistant to the Dean.
  • Make sure you are following your syllabus, particularly when it comes to grading. In a surprisingly high number of grade appeals we discover that the instructor was not following their own grading procedure.
  • Online homework
    • For Math 091, 093, and 151 online homework is required
    • For Math 112, 165, 171, 172, 173, all students purchase access to online homework in the bookstore; requiring online homework is strongly encouraged
    • For Math 115 and 153, students will now be required to do online homework in D2L.
    • For Math 112, 155, and and 157 instructors have the option of using online homework; however, if you wish to use it you must make sure it is in the book order by notifying the Chair; the book order is finalized months before the semester begins.
    • For AMATH 112 online homework (MyMathLab) is usually included in the bookstore order. Please coordinate with the Chair if you are assigned this class to determine whether you want to use online homework.
  • Need an instructor copy of the textbook for your class?  Contact the Coordinator for help.
  • If you have questions about department procedures, please read the department memo
  • Questions about what textbook or edition your class uses?  Please consult the  current textbook list (current as of Fall 2023).
  • If you have a student who feels they have been misplaced, make sure you refer them to the department chair.  Individual instructors should never override a pre-req for a student.
  • Don't forget that the bookstore will price match if you can get the exact same textbook or package on barnesandnoble.com or amazon.com.  All students have to do is check the price using the ISBN and then ask for the price match when they check out!  They will see significant savings in some of our classes. Also, in many cases our textbooks can be rented for much cheaper through Amazon than through the bookstore.
  • If you need to report an issue with departmental iPads, laptops or computer, please complete an ITR request.

MATH 091:

  • Per the official course outline, all sections of Math 091 are required to have graded online homework (MyMathLab).
  • A scientific calculator, preferably the TI-30XS Multiview, is required for this course.
  • Please see below for a list of sections you are required to cover in this course.
  • For more information, including to receive a template of MyMathLab homework, please contact Kevin Marks
Math 091 required sections

MATH 093:

  • Per the official course outline, all sections of Math 093 are required to have graded online Hawkes homework as a component of the class. If you would like to use the Hawkes curriculum already picked out by the department, please talk to Kate.
  • An electronic copy of the textbook can be accessed through the online homework. Individual instructors may choose whether students may buy just the Hawkes code (including the e- textbook) or must buy the Hawkes code with a physical book.
  • A TI-83 or TI-84 calculator is required for this course.
  • The course objectives, final exam formula sheet and final exam review can be found on the Math 093 page.
  • Please see below for a list of sections you are required to cover in this course.
  • For more information, please contact Kate.
Math 093 required Hawkes sections

MATH 112

  • Students will purchase access to ALEKS online homework that includes an electronic version of the textbook. They have the option of purchasing ALEKS bundled with a physical textbook, but a physical textbook is not required unless the individual instructor wishes to require it.
  • All instructors should receive the regular hardback instructor's version of the textbook from the Coordinator.
  • In order to have access to the TVM solver and regression capabilities, a TI-83/84 calculator is required for this course.
  • The department highly recommends that students are allowed to use the TVM solver in lieu of the tables, formulas, etc. in sections 8.3 – 8.5.
  • You may take your students to the computer lab and generate graphs in Excel instead of creating them by hand in section 12.2. If you need help reserving a computer lab, you can ask the Assistant to the Dean or the Dept Chair.
  • Kate can provide you with a lot of resources, such as an Excel tutorial handout, notes handouts for the students (including how to use the TVM solver and regression on the calculator) ,etc. If interested, please email her.
  • Terra can provide you with the ALEKS homework she has picked out for the course. Please contact her if you are interested in using her homework.

MATH 115/153

  • Students will purchase either a loose-leaf version of the textbook or an electronic version. For face-to-face classes, students with electronic version are expected to bring a device to class so that they can access the textbook during class.
  • As of Summer 2021, students will no longer be using Wiley Plus to do their online homework. We have developed our own version of the problems in D2L that can be shared with all instructors. Make sure to contact Kate to get access to these required problems.
  • Students also need to buy either the Fathom program or access to RGuroo in order to analyze data and perform statistical analysis. Fathom is cheaper but cannot be installed on Chromebooks and will not run on MacOS 10.15 and above. Fathom can be downloaded at the Fathom website; a 12 month license costs $5.25. Instructors can get an RGuroo account for free; students will pay $12.99 for a 6 month subscription; sign up at the RGuroo website
  • The textbook has a lot of resources at their website. For some of the resources you will need to request access from Wiley. Kate has created Powerpoints to go with each of the Topics that can be used in class, as well as templates for handouts for some of the activities. Please contact her if you'd like a copy of this. She can also point you towards some of the resources that Brian has put together.
  • Please note that Math 153 covers all of the same material as Math 115, but goes further into looking at two populations, etc. Students cannot receive credit for both courses because of the overlap
  • Math 153 is cross-listed as BUS 240, so some enrolled students will be pursuing a Business degree. In order to comply with IAI requirements for Business majors, it’s important that significant effort be put into providing students with business-related examples in their coursework.

MATH 151

  • Math 151 instructors can choose whether to continue to use Hawkes or use an open source book with an alternate source of online homework. For more information on Hawkes, please contact Kate. For more information on alternatives, please contact Melanie or Natalie.
  • A TI-83/84 calculator is required for this course.
  • The course objectives, final exam formula sheet and final exam review can be found on the Math 151 page; if you haven’t taught Math 151 recently, you should be aware that the course objectives changed

MATH 165

  • As of Fall 2020 we are using a free online book for this course. You can access the textbook at https://openstax.org/details/books/algebra-and-trigonometry
  • Students will be purchasing access to WebAssign online homework. For more information and to get a template of problems, please talk to Melanie.
  • A TI-83/84 calculator is required for this course.
  • You can find resources for this class like unit/course reviews and guided notes on the X: drive on a school computer.

MATH 171/172/173

  • All students will purchase a looseleaf version of the book that includes access to WebAssign online homework for the lifetime of the book edition. These materials can be used in the entire 171/172/173 Calculus sequence.
  • For more information on using WebAssign, please talk to Kate.
  • A TI-83/84 calculator is required for this course.