Biological Sciences

Biology, the study of living organisms, is an extremely large and diverse field. Career opportunities exist in many areas such as research, government agencies (conservation department, environmental protection, etc.), industry, sales, and teaching at all educational levels. In addition, the biology curriculum provides the pre-professional foundation for many of the health career areas. Baccalaureate biological science programs are diverse. Some programs emphasize cell and molecular biology, whereas others emphasize organismal, ecological, and evolutionary biology. Research universities offer specific programs of study, optional tracks, or specializations within biology. Students should decide the direction or specialization within biology as early as possible, preferably by the beginning of sophomore year. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the Associate in Science degree prior to transfer.

Degrees and Certificates
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Prof. Christa Adam

Associate Professor Christa Adam

Prof. Reuben E. Barrett

Professor Reuben E. Barrett

Prof. Nicholas E. Halm-Lutterodt

Associate Professor Nicholas E. Halm-Lutterodt M.D.

Prof. Erica Lannan

Assistant Prof. Erica Lannan

Prof. Craig Nelson

Assoc. Prof. Craig Nelson

Assoc. Prof.  Angela Hung

 Assistant Professor Angela Hung