Social Sciences

Cueva de las Manos (Cave of the Hands), Argentina, UNESCO World Heritage Site

 Why Study Anthropology?

Anthropology students examine the cultural and social systems of both simple and complex societies. Through the study of anthropology, students gain important insights into the world around them, and develop skills relevant in fields including the social sciences, the humanities, and education.

Topics in the field can vary from the study of human origins and the culture and social organization of preliterate peoples, to investigation of contemporary civilizations. Anthropology students also focus on issues like technology, aesthetics, race, language, religion, family and kinship ties, and associational life that help us to understand the emergence of different cultures over time. Basic theories and research methods relevant to those topics are introduced in introductory anthropology courses at Prairie State College, including the major areas of physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, ethnology, and archaeology.

Degrees and Certificates

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A number of dedicated adjunct faculty members offer anthropology courses at Prairie State College. Adjunct faculty can be reached via the contact information you will receive the first day of class. You may also try visiting the Adjunct Faculty Office when your professor is on campus. The Adjunct Faculty Office is located on the fourth floor of Main Building in room 4195.

For general information about anthropology courses, please contact the current Social Sciences Department Chair or Coordinator. Contact information can be found in the college’s staff directory, or by contacting Peggy Jones, Administrative Assistant, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, (708) 709-3537.