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Learning Communities

Are you looking for a learning adventure? Enroll in a learning community! We have so many adventures just waiting for you!

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For more information, contact Professor Wells, Kisha, (708) 709-3547 .

What are Learning Communities?

Learning Communities courses are two (or more) courses that students take together. This allows the group of students and their professors to form a community of people who learn together.

What Learning Communities are being offered in Fall, 2016?

For Fall 2016, five different Learning Communities will be offered combining Communication 101 and English 101, English 101 and Psychology 102, Communication 101 and Sociology 101, English 098 and Reading 098 and an Honors Learning Community combining English 101 and Humanities 201. Check out the LC Fact Card for more information about these exciting offerings. 

What do students say about Learning Communities?
  • "Learning Communities are "two classes that are combined together and work together to give you the best of two classes."
  • "Learning Communities are a way to get to know the teachers/students, and learn together rather than being a stressed out individual."
Why does PSC offer Learning Communities?

Studies across the nation have shown that Learning Communities courses will improve student learning and success. While that's reason enough, students also say they get to know their classmates and instructors better, and they enjoy the classes more than single courses.

What is different about Learning Communities?

Learning Communities courses bring students and professors together as a community of learners. Together they explore two disciplines (two courses) and find connections between them. Often one assignment is used to meet requirements in both classes.

Why should I consider enrolling in Learning Communities?

Actually there are a number of reasons why you might want to join a Learning Community. You will have the support of two professors and your fellow students to help you succeed in both courses. Many students also say it's more interesting and more fun.

I've already taken one of the courses offered in the Learning Community. Can I enroll for just the other course?

Unfortunately, no. You are required to enroll in both courses at the same time. If you cannot take a particular Learning Communities course combination, stop in Counseling and Advising. Talk with a counselor to learn if there is another Learning Community that might work for you.

Will I get the same grade in both (all) Learning Communities?

Not necessarily. Your transcript will show the courses separately, with their own grades. Your professors will explain their grading policies to you early in the semester.

Will my transcript show I was in a Learning Community?

No. It will list the courses separately. When you successfully complete the courses, your credit hours will have the same transferability as students who take the courses separately.

After enrolling in a Learning Community, can I drop one if I need to?

Although dual enrollment is required for Learning Communities, students will have the ability to withdraw from one of the leaning communities classes if necessary after the ninth week of the semester. To drop one learning community, the student must complete a learning community drop form and an add/drop form. Ask your learning community professor for information on this process.

How do I enroll in a Learning Community?

Register for all courses in the usual way or see a counselor or advisor. He/She will help you get enrolled in the Learning Communities courses that are right for you.

Who can give me more information about Learning Communities?

Wells, Kisha (708) 709-3547 or kwells@prairiestate.edu or the Counseling and Academic Advising Center, (708) 709-3506.