Course Reviews

Course Reviews

Prairie State College has a course review process for online courses that is described in the Faculty Handbook for Online Education.  The review is based on the instructional design standards that are identified in Appendix B of that document.

Instructors who are interested in having their online course reviewed can do so in the following ways:

  • Conduct a self-review of your own online courses (using the standards in Appendix B).
  • Ask one or more colleague to review the online course (using the standards in Appendix B).
  • Submit the course for a faculty peer-review by the Online Education Steering Committee - contact Lirim Neziroski.
  • Ask Online Learning to conduct a course review - contact Lirim Neziroski or Online Learning.

The course review process is not an evaluation of your online teaching.  It is a review of the instructional design elements in the course - ie, how the course is organized.

The course review process can help identify opportunities for improvement, and it can provide documentation and evidence of continuous quality improvement for program accreditation purposes.

For more information, contact Lirim Neziroski or the Dept. of Online Learning at OnlineLearning@prairiestate.edu.