Work & Learn

Expanding Work & Learn Opportunities for PSC Students 
Fall 2016

Financially challenged PSC students may be eligible to participate in Work & Learn to cover their tuition costs.  Separate from the federal Work Study program, Work & Learn is designed for students who are unable to get sufficient funding through traditional methods. Eligible students complete PSC studies through a tuition waiver.

FAFSA on file –or- alternate verifications that show income will be required (see "To Apply" below).
Priority will be given to those planning to earn a certificate or degree.

About the Opportunity

  • Full-time students can receive a maximum of 12 credit hours of tuition waived and part-time students can receive a maximum of 6 credit hours of tuition waived (student must pay for fees and textbooks)
  • Each participating PSC department will determine its need for student help. Full-time enrollment (12 or more hours) typically will require 10 hours weekly work for 16 weeks; part-time enrollment (six hours) will require five hours weekly work. Some departments may offer Work & Learn positions with flexible hours.  
  • Student will work on campus during an assigned PSC department's regularly scheduled hours, providing on-the-job experience for a resume.   
  • Eligible students are encouraged to access the application, or request further information, at
  • Review the Work & Learn information, and indicate a preferred assignment from the positions listed.
  • Complete and submit the application and other required information.
  • Student's job performance will be evaluated during each term of Work & Learn participation, with the possibility for up to four terms of participation, pending available positions.
  • If a student does not satisfactorily complete the Work & Learn term, s/he will be required to pay tuition costs for that term.

Eligibility Requirements

  • ✔ 25 years and older
  • ✔ Minimum 2.0 GPA after having completed 6 or more hours of college level coursework
  • ✔ In-district student, or co-op eligible
  • ✔Have work experience
  • ✔Registering for 6 or more hours in fall 2016
  • ✔Student account must be in good standing

Positions available

  1. General Support Assistant – Sustainability
  2. Recycling Program - Sustainability
  3. Office Assistant – Enrollment Services
  4. Department Assistant - Physical Education and Athletics
  5. Special Projects Assistant – Human Resources 
  6. Lab Assistant - PSC technical programs (contact Dean Patty Zuccarello for Info)

To Apply

  1. Send an email with your name in the subject line to and you will receive an email with a list of available positions. Deadline for Fall semester is May 31. We are not currently taking applications. Please check back in fall for spring application deadline.
  2. FAFSA on file—or—have the alternate verifications that show income, if you are not eligible to file FAFSA, such as pay stubs, unemployment documents, WIA caseworker verification, layoff notice, testimony by local leader (faith community leader accepted).
  3. Must be registered for fall 2016 classes and attach schedule copy (You may submit the application now; then the schedule copy may be submitted when notified of interview).
  4. Provide unofficial transcript.
  5. Have a PSC academic plan (completed with PSC advisor); this can be submitted when notified of interview.
  6. Student account must be in good standing.

Not Eligible for Work & Learn?

The Student Career Development Center provides a variety of employment related services to students.