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Attendance, Audits, Withdrawals, and Refunds

Attendance, Audits, Withdrawals, and Refunds

Course Attendance

Course attendance is important to academic success. You must attend the courses you register for at Prairie State College. If you register for a course and never attend, you run the risk of being dropped from the course(s). If you will be unable to attend any courses in which you enrolled, you must drop them. Refer to the academic calendar and the college refund table for applicable dates. Use the A-Z index where information is arranged alphabetically.

Audit Policy

If you aren’t concerned with receiving college credit, you may take a course as an auditor. No letter grade is given, and you’ll receive no academic credit. Students who wish to take a course on an audit basis need to comply with the following procedure:

  1. Register for the course in question.
  2. Pay all applicable tuition and fees.(Many financial aid or veterans programs do not pay for audited courses.)
  3. Complete an audit request (student petition) form, available in the Enrollment Services. This procedure must be completed prior to the end of the 2nd week of classes for first and second 8-week courses, 3rd week of classes for late start courses, and 4th week of classes for full 16-week courses held during the fall and spring semesters. For information on audit deadlines, call (708) 709-3516.

"Dropping" a Course

If you decide to stop attending a course you are required to fill out an Add/Drop form to officially withdraw from the course. Students can visit the Enrollment Services Office, Room 1160, to withdraw from courses. Students can also withdraw from courses via WebAdvisor prior to the start date of the course. After a course has begun, withdrawals must be completed on campus. Withdrawals cannot be accepted by phone. Please contact the Registrar at (708) 709-3513 for additional assistance. Please note: Students who do not officially withdraw from courses will be assigned the grade of "F." If applicable fees are incurred as a result of the drop, the student is responsible for payment.


The college may change course offerings during the registration period. Occasionally a course is canceled if there are not enough students enrolled. If this happens, the college will do everything possible to notify students before the first class meeting. You will have the option of registering for another course or receiving a refund.

Withdrawal Policy

Prairie State College adheres to a strict policy governing class withdrawal. Students are responsible for withdrawing from classes by the withdrawal deadline listed on the academic calendar.

Students can drop a course by accessing WebAdvisor or by visiting the Enrollment Services Office (RM 1160). Students can drop a course on WebAdvisor on or before the end of the course refund date.   After the end of the refund date, courses can only be dropped by visiting the Enrollment Service Office. Students will be assigned a grade of “W” for courses dropped after the refund date. 

NOTE: A course refund date is found on the table located at prairiestate.edu under tuition refunds for the respective semester.

Students enrolled in the nursing, dental hygiene and surgical technology programs must receive the program coordinators written approval before withdrawing from a course.  Once approval is received, students in these programs must visit the Enrollment Services Office (RM 1160) to officially withdraw.  Students in the following categories must also receive the respective advisor’s approval prior to withdrawing from a course: athletes, international students, early college high school students.

Students who request to be administratively withdrawn from a class after deadline are required to submit a formal, written appeal.  Appeal can be accessed on-line or from the Counseling and Academic Advising Center (RM 1190). Appeals should only be submitted in the event of an extenuating circumstance.  The appeal must include a written statement of explanation and supporting documentation verifying the extenuating circumstance.  Appeals are reviewed on a case by case basis. Once completed, appeals must be submitted to the Counseling and Advising Center.  Students will be notified of the determination 2-3 weeks after submitting the appeal.  Students are encouraged to continue pursuit of the course until a final determination has been rendered.


Refunds are issued by check every Friday, after the end of the refund period. No refunds will be paid in cash. If requested, credit card payments may be refunded as a credit to the card used for payment. The card must be presented to the cashier at the time of your request. All e-Cashier refunds will be done by check. PSC shall refund tuition charges based on the Refund Table in the class schedule.