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How to Enroll

How to Enroll

Prairie State College is a comprehensive community college with an open-door admissions policy for high school graduates and recipients of a GED (or the equivalent).

Currently enrolled high school students are also eligible to register for courses with written approval from their high school principal and parents plus approval from a guidance counselor. All entering students will meet with a counselor or advisor who will help them explore their interests and select a program that best meets their needs.

For those interested in personal interest, vocational, computer and continuing education classes, Prairie State College offers a wide range of non-credit classes. The College also offers adult education courses including GED, ESL, and ABE.


General Admission Requirements
Deciding on a college is an important choice. PSC is a great place to start a college career.

Whether you’re a high school student, an adult juggling family and work responsibilities, changing careers and needing to retrain, someone in need of English-language training, or a lifelong learner seeking a personal interest class, PSC has something for everyone.

All new students entering college for the first time must provide evidence of a high school diploma or GED®, take the placement tests, and speak with an advisor prior to registering for classes. Please note that ACT/SAT scores may be used for placement. Students need to speak with an academic advisor for further information.

PSC provides a full range of developmental courses and advising to help students enroll in baccalaureate transfer or career/technical programs.

New students, students on academic probation, and students who want to enroll in developmental courses must work with a PSC counselor or advisor prior to registering for classes. This step enables the counselor or advisor to help students with course selection and ensure they meet program and degree requirements. Visit the Academic Advising Center or call (708) 709-3506 for more information.

Vaccination Requirements
Prairie State College does not require proof of immunization for enrollment. However, immunizations may be necessary prior to clinical placement in selected health programs. Contact the specific department for further information or visit the links below:

  • C.N.A. (PDF) or call (708) 709-3740
  • NURS/RN (PDF) or call (708) 709-3527
  • EMT (PDF) or call (708) 709-2947
  • DH (PDF) or call (708) 709-3715
  • SRT (PDF) or call (708) 709-3780

Type of Student

To apply and enroll at the college, please click your student type based on your previous college experience.

All new students entering college for  the first time, are required to take the placement tests, and meet with an advisor prior to registering for classes. ACT/SAT scores may be used in place of the placement test. Please note, there is a time limitation on the use of previously completed ACT/SAT and placement test scores. Students should speak with an advisor for additional information. Download an overview of the enrollment process (PDF).


Late Registration Procedures — Credit Classes Only
The following guidelines apply to students who wish to register for credit classes after the schedule change period has ended and classes have begun to meet:

  • If the class is not full, students do not need an instructor's consent to register during the first two days of the term (up until 11:59 pm of second day). This applies to all standard session classes—16-week, first and second 8-week, late start, and first and second session summer classes.
  • Students do not need instructor's consent to register if a class has not yet met. (For example, if a class meets Thursday, Friday or Saturday, students may register up to the time the class begins if space is available.
  • Online classes will be exactly like face-to-face classes. If no start date is listed on the schedule, the class begins on
    the first day of the term for 16-week, late start, or first or second session summer classes.
  • All students who register (with or without the instructor's consent) the day following the first meeting of a class will be charged a late registration fee of $20.00.

Residency Requirements
Prairie State College requires all credit students to certify their permanent residency, which is used to determine the applicable tuition rate. In order to be classified as a resident, students must reside in district for at least 30 days prior to the start of the semester.*

Prairie State College, Illinois Community College District consist of the following communities: Beecher, Chicago Heights, Crete, Flossmoor, Ford Heights, Glenwood, Homewood, Matteson, Monee, Olympia Fields, Park Forest, Richton Park, Sauk Village, South Chicago Heights, Steger, University Park, and portions of Country Club Hills, Hazel Crest, Lynwood, and Tinley Park.

Students who move from outside the district and who obtain residency in Prairie State College’s district for reasons other than attending the College, shall be exempt from the 30 day requirement if they demonstrate, through documentation, a verifiable interest in establishing permanent residency.**

If the College receives returned mail from the postal service that reflects an undeliverable status or one which would impact the tuition rate, the student will be required to provide two documents to verify their residency. The following are acceptable forms of documentation used to verify a student’s residency status:

  • Valid driver’s license or state identification card
  • Voters registration card
  • Current apartment lease/property tax bill
  • Current utility bill
  • Mail delivered to the residential address with a postmark date no older than four weeks
Please note that all proof of residency documents must reflect the student’s first and last name and the student’s current residential address. Registration activity may be restricted until proof of residency is received by the College. Additional forms of verification may be required if questions continue to arise regarding a student’s residency status. For additional information, please contact the Office of Enrollment Services at (708) 709-3516.
*To use a PO Box mailing address, proof of residency must also be provided.
**Additional documentation not reflected above may be required when outlining a verifiable interest in establishing a permanent residency within the district.