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Enrollment Services Location
Main Campus - Room 1160

Hours of Service (Fall/Spring)
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8 am to 4:30 pm
Wednesday: 8 am to 7 pm

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Denise Morales, Credentials Analyst
Phone: (708) 709-3927
Email: dmorales2@prairiestate.edu


Do I have to fill out an application?
If you are new to PSC you will need to complete an admissions application. If you have previously attended the college visit the Enrollment Services office to update your record.

What are the next steps after I apply?
Your next step is to send your official college and high school transcripts to the college. College transcripts must be evaluated to determine which courses will transfer to PSC (complete the Transcript Evaluation Request Form). Some students may be required to complete the placement examination depending on the transfer coursework and courses of interest at PSC. After obtaining your transcript you will meet with an academic advisor to review program and courses of interest. Finally, you will register and establish payment arrangement for your courses. Visit How to Enroll for additional information.

How do I transfer my courses?
You must send your official college transcripts to PSC, attention: Enrollment Services. You will also need to complete a Transcript Evaluation Request Form, indicating all colleges attended and your program of interest at PSC. Your transcripts will then be evaluated and courses transferred based your program of interest.

Who can I talk to about transferring?
Any member of the Enrollment Services office can address general questions regarding transferring to the college. Questions regarding a recent evaluation should be directed to Denise Morales, Credentials Analyst. You may also use on-line tools such as transferology.com to view how courses have transferred between institutions in the past. You may also view the PSC Transfer Coursework Guide for additional information relevant to transfer students.

Do I need an appointment?
No, for your convenience the office operates on a walk-in basis.

Can PSC request my transcripts?
The student must request the official transcript for all colleges attended. Official transcripts should be sent to the Enrollment Services office at the college.

Do I need my high school transcripts even though I have my college transcripts?
Yes. All students must submit their official high school transcript to the college.

Can I submit unofficial transcripts to the college?
Yes. In the interest of time, unofficial transcripts may be used for your initial advising session. The academic advisor will try to determine if you have met the prerequisites for your courses of interest at PSC based on the preliminary review of the unofficial transcript. Please keep in mind, official transcripts must be received and officially evaluated to ensure adequate advising and progress towards a degree or certificate.

Do I need an official transcript to have my credits transfer over?
Yes. PSC must receive official transcripts from the transfer institution before any courses can be officially evaluated or transferred to PSC. If you completed coursework at multiple institutions, each institutions transcript and subsequent evaluation request form must be submitted to the College.

I can’t get my transcripts but I want to transfer, what happens next?
Your unofficial transcripts may be used for your initial advising session. The academic advisor will try to determine if you have met the prerequisites for your courses of interest at PSC based on the preliminary review of the unofficial transcript. Please keep in mind, official transcripts must be received and officially evaluated to ensure adequate advising and progress towards a degree or certificate.

If I’m only planning to be at PSC for one semester do I need to submit my official transcripts from my previous school?
Although you may speak with an advisor using an unofficial transcript, It is also recommended that students submit their official transcript and subsequent evaluation request form to ensure proper course placement.

How do I know what will transfer to PSC?
After sending your official transcript and completing the Transcript Evaluation Request form you will receive an evaluation. The evaluation will outline what and how courses transferred per the program you specified on the Transcript Evaluation Request Form.

Do my grades/GPA from my previous school transfer?
No. The college only transfers the course and credit hours (based on a semester scale). Your transfer GPA may be used in determining the transferability of coursework. See the PSC Transfer Coursework Guide for additional information.

Step 1. Apply

Complete an enrollment application online. 

Step 2. Transcripts

Send your official college transcripts* and complete a  Transcript Evaluation Request Form to ensure accurate advising and courses are transferred appropriately. It is also recommended that you send your official high school transcripts or high school equivalency exam (HSE) to the Enrollment Services Office before the end of your first semester.

Step 3. Meet with an advisor and register

Email an advisor from your PSC email account at advising@prairiestate.edu. Discuss college placement, programs, courses, etc.  During the session you will either register or be directed on how to complete your college placement exam.

Step 4. Pay for College

Establish payment. You can refer to the business office for payment optionsfinancial aid for grants and loans, veteran services for benefits, or the PSC Foundation for scholarship opportunities.

Questions about tuition and fees also can be answered by the Business Office. Call (708) 709-3577. 

Step 5. Purchase Books and Supplies

View the assigned books by selecting "textbook information" on WebAdvisor.


*Official transcripts are not required for enrollment at PSC. It is recommended that official transcripts be received and evaluated as soon as possible to ensure adequate advising and progress towards a degree or certificate.  Please note, official high school transcripts reflecting completion of secondary school are required if you plan to apply for financial aid.

Transfer Coursework

Prairie State College accepts transfer coursework from nationally and regionally accredited institutions. Coursework from non-accredited institutions is not accepted. PSC offers two-year associate level degrees and certificates. The College accepts freshman to junior level coursework (100 – 300 level). Acceptable 300 level coursework will be considered towards the completion of Associate in Applied Science degrees and certificates on an individual basis.

Courses not considered to be college level, such as developmental or remedial will be used to determine placement and the completion of prerequisites. Coursework will not transfer if the student repeated the transfer course at PSC (see repeat policy for additional information). 

International transcripts must receive evaluation through a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (i.e. ECE evaluation, WES evaluation).  A course by course evaluation is required for transfer consideration.

The Testing Center is an on-campus resource for students seeking to transfer credit for college level examination program (CLEP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and advanced placement (AP).  Students seeking credit hours for prior learning experience should also consult the Testing Center, applicable fees may apply.  Military Joint Services Transcripts are evaluated based on the student’s program of study and applicable transfer coursework.

Evaluation of Coursework
Transfer coursework is evaluated based on the student’s area of study.  Completion of the Transcript Evaluation Request Form with the declared area of study and transfer institutions is necessary to receive an accurate and comprehensive evaluation.

PSC credits are expressed in semester hours.  Transfer credit received from institutions granting other measures of credit will be converted to semester hours (i.e. quarter, trimester, etc.).  Consequently, students may satisfy a course requirement but have a credit hour deficiency in order to complete a given program category.

The College maintains a database of courses articulated from transfer institutions.  The Registrar, or his or her designee, will articulate all transfer coursework from regionally accredited post-secondary institutions. If a course is not articulated, the Credentials Analyst will review the course based on the information available (i.e. course description, syllabus, use of course at transfer institution, etc.).  The program coordinator may also be consulted to determine the most appropriate evaluation of coursework.

College Residency Requirement
In order to satisfy the college residency requirement for an associate degree, a minimum of 15 credit hours, excluding proficiency credit, must be successfully completed at PSC.  Students in certificate programs must complete at least half of the credit hour requirements for a certificate program at PSC.

Time Limits and Grade Criteria
Transfer coursework may be accepted for courses in which a passing grade was received. Quality points will be awarded only for work completed at PSC.  The College does not transfer final grades from coursework completed at transfer institutions.

Coursework is not eligible for transfer if the student received a final course grade lower than C and the GPA from the institution is below a C  average, grades of C- will not transfer.  A course with a grade of D will not transfer and/or be considered for prerequisite completion if PSC has designated the course requires the student earned a grade of C or higher.  The course prerequisites, general education designation or program requirements at the transfer institution may also be used as factors to evaluate the coursework. Additionally, certain programs may have time restrictions and grade requirements for courses taken towards prerequisite or program requirements (i.e.  Nursing, dental hygiene, surgical technology, information technology, etc.).

Re-evaluating an Articulated Course
Students have the ability to speak with the Credentials Analyst if questions arise with respect to the articulation or application of coursework.  Students may also be asked to provide a course description, syllabus or additional information for further consideration. A student may submit a Course Articulation Review form to the Office of Enrollment Services if additional concerns exist pertaining to the articulation of coursework.


Official college transcripts and the Transfer Evaluation Request Form must be submitted to the Enrollment Services office. The Transcript Evaluation Request Form, includes all colleges attended and the student’s program of interest at PSC. Transcripts will be evaluated and courses transferred based on the program of interest. Once the college transcripts and evaluation request form have been received by the office, the evaluation will be completed and mailed to the student at the address on record. The evaluation will detail transfer courses counting towards the respective degree/certificate and reflect outstanding course requirements.

Official transcripts can be mailed, delivered or sent electronically through a third party servicer to the college (i.e. Parchment, eSCRIP-SAFE, National Student Clearinghouse). If the student delivers the transcripts to the college, the official transcripts must be delivered in a sealed envelope processed by the sending institution. Once the envelope has been opened, the document is no longer considered official. Delivered transcripts must be opened by staff in the Enrollment Services or the Academic Advising offices. Mailed transcripts can be sent to:

Prairie State College
Attn: Enrollment Services
202 S Halsted St.
Chicago Heights, IL. 60411

Placement Test
Placement testing may be necessary depending on the transfer coursework, grades received and the grade point average from the transfer institution.  If required, the College offers English and math placement tests. There is no appointment necessary to complete the test.  Students may contact the testing center for times at (708) 709-3558, or visit Placement Assessment Testing and Placement online.  

Please Note: Official transcripts are not required to enrollment at PSC.  Unofficial transcripts can be used for placement and to begin at the college.  It is recommended that official transcripts be received and evaluated as soon as possible to ensure adequate advising and progress towards a degree or certificate.


Meet with an Advisor
After completing the registration students will meet with an academic advisor. During the meeting the advisor will: review the student’s PSC program evaluation and/or transcripts from the transfer institution, discuss programs of interest, course study plans and select courses for the upcoming semester.

Register for Classes
Students will visit the Enrollment Services office to register for classes.

Tuition and Fees:
PSC requires students certify their permanent residency which is used to determine their applicable tuition rate. Students are billed either in-district, out of district, out of state or international based on their residency. Students are assessed the application tuition rate per credit hour. Internet courses are billed at the in-district rate. Visit the tuition and fee page for current tuition rates. Additional information related to the college refund table, tuition discounts and cost comparisons will also be helpful as students transition to PSC.

Payment Options
Students must establish payment for courses. Payments can be made on-line via eCahsier or in the Business Office. Don't let financial concerns stop you from enrolling at Prairie State College. Over half of PSC students receive financial aid. Speak to a financial aid representative at (708) 709-3735. Students may also apply for a Foundation Scholarship for assistance.