Past Exhibitions during Academic Years:

Academic Year 2012-13

Photographer of the Year
and Annual Student Exhibition

Aug. 27 to Sept. 20, 2012

Featured works by Beth Schimanski, Photographer of the Year

This exhibition features Beth Schimanski's series, "at the essence" works that explored the visual nature of an intimate concert venue. Her works emphasized the luminosity of light against soft dark grounds.

POY Postcard


Oct. 1 to Nov. 1, 2012

Opening Reception: Thursday, Oct. 4, 4:30-8 p.m.

Featured works by John Pitman Weber,
Eleanor Spiess-ferris, and Gladys Nilsson

This exhibition features works by renowned Chicago artists Eleanor Speiss-Ferris, Gladys Nilsson, and John Pitman Weber. These three painters use oblique narrative in their work to engage our exploration of their visual images, using humor, fantasy, wonder, toughness, and tenderness. They each use shifting meanings, metaphor and time compression to present their covert narratives.


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Shallow Waters by Speiss-Ferris

Daniel by Weber

Bye Blue Trees by Nilsson

Natural Connections

Nov. 12 to Dec. 13, 2012

Opening Reception: Thurs., Nov. 15, 4:30-7:30 p.m.

Featured works by Donna June Katz, Connie Wolfe, Jane Fulton Alt, and Vivian Visser

Artists Donna June Katz, Connie Wolfe, Vivian Visser, and Jane Fulton Alt create works responding to nature with its qualities of beauty, the sublime, its destructiveness and its fragility. Nature is their muse, whether in the loving details of natural forms, (Katz) abstract patterns found (Wolfe), mystery of nature's destruction (Alt), or the beauty of natural materials (Visser) to make forms based on nature.



Natural Connection
Installation by Connie Wolfe

Natural ConnectionBurn by Alt

Natural ConnectionEnd Moraines by Katz

Natural ConnectionFiber Installation by Vivian Visser


Jan. 7-30, 2013

Artist's Reception: Thursday, Jan. 10, 4:30-8 p.m.

Featured works by Cousandra Armstrong, Marcia Babler, Iwona Biedermann, Elizabeth Gadelha, Barbara Goldsmith, Larry Jensen, Laurie LeBreton, Roberta Malkin, Bobbi Meier, Karen Murphy, Dominic Parada, Gina Lee Robbins, Wendy Rolfe, Jordan Scott, and Michele Thrane

A juried show of works that evoke memory, emotions or are expressive or suggestive. Juried by Paul Klein of Paul Klein Artist Works. The show consisted of 21 works by 15 artists, including works in photography, painting, ceramic sculpture, and mixed media.

Evocative Works by Gina Lee Robbins, (ceramic);
Jordan Scott (mixed media Flag work)
and Elizabeth Gadelha (photograph)


Evocative Postcard


Evocative Sculpture by Roberta Malkin

Collaborative Vision: The Poetic Dialogue Project

Feb. 11 to Mar. 7, 2013

Curated by Beth Shadur

Artists' Reception: Thursday, Feb. 21, 4:30-8 p.m.

Featured works: Granite Amit, Jan Beatty: Classifieds.  Ana Fernandez, Kathryn Dohrmann:  Contained / Released.
Kim Laurel, Michael Burkard: One. James Mesplé, Jeffrey Levine: The Color of Cardinals. BettyAnn Mocek, Michael Heller: COLLAGE: MATRIX: CITY:BIRD. Charlotte Segal, Margaret Rozga: Fuji-san Beth Shadur, Lois Roma-Deeley: Arguing with Angels. LaShawnda Crowe Storm, M. Eliza Hamilton Abegunde: Be/Coming. Lynn Takata, LR Berger: The Space Between. Annette Turow, Steve Orlen: Deuteronomy 6.7. Mirjana Ugrinov, Cynthia Hogue: Stones Too.

The Poetic Dialogue Project, works created collaboratively by teams of contemporary visual artists and poets from throughout the United States.

CollaborativeVision Postcard

CollaborativeVisionInstallation by LaShawnda Crowe Storm
and Maria Eliza Hamilton Abegunde;
Painting by Mirjana Ugrinov

CollaborativeVisionHands by Lynn Takata and LR. Berger

Graduate Student Exhibition

April 29 to May 30, 2013

Curated by Paul Rinaldi
Reception: May 2, 12-2 p.m.
2013 Graduate Student Exhibition Catalog

Featured works by Kara Adair, Taylor Auguston, Reginald Gale, Alice Jacobs, Dylan Moulesong, Amber Peoples, Natalie Pesick, Lindsey Walker, and Drew Young

A graduate student exhibition featuring student artists Kara Adair, Taylor Augustson, Reginald Gale, Alice Jacobs, Dylan Moulesong, Amber Peoples, Natalie Pesick, Lindsay Walker, and Drew Young.

Sapphire and Crystals

June 3 to July 10, 2013

Curated by Joyce Owens

Reception: Thursday, June 6, 4-7 p.m.

Featured work by Felicia Grant Preston, Shahar Caren Weaver, Rhonda Wheatley, Dorian Sylvain, Joyce Owens, Pearlie Taylor, Arlene Turner Crawford, Patricia Stewart, Rose Blouin, Renee Williams Jefferson, Juarez Hawkins, Shirley Sullivan, and Shyvette Williams

This exhibition featured works by a collective of African American women artists from Chicago. Curated by Joyce Owens. Works ranged from photographs, paintings and drawings to prints and mixed media.

Sapphire and Crystals Felicia Preston's paintings on rear wall

Sapphire and Crystals Postcard


Sapphire and Crystals Perceptuary by Juarez Hawkins