Assessment and Registration

Our policies have recently changed:
Prairie State College's Adult Education Program is committed to providing services to individuals who are committed to improving their lives through education.

Due to limited resources, if you complete the assessment/registration process and do not show up for class, you will not be able to register for classes the following semester.

Program space is limited. Registration is for new students and students who have successfully completed a semester within the past 12 months.

Registration Schedule Flier.

For further information please call (708)709-7880 or (708)709-7931.

According to the Stevens Amendment Act, the grant funded portion of the Adult Education and Family
Literacy Program at Prairie State College for Fiscal Year 2015 is 33 percent financed with federal funds
totaling $181,724.

It is the policy of Prairie State College to provide, on a flexible and individualized basis, reasonable
accommodations to students who have disabilities.