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The HSE/ GED Fall 2020 registration is now closed. Please fill out the registration interest form below to receive information on our Spring 2021 semester.

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ESL late start classes begin Monday, September 28, 2020.
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Prairie State College offers adult education classes free of charge to eligible individuals in need of basic education, preparation for the Illinois high school equivalency exam, English language proficiency, or one-on-one tutoring. Classes are available morning and evenings in the Adult Training and Outreach Center (ATOC).

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Directions to Adult Training and Outreach Center (ATOC)

Adult Education Faculty and Staff

Kim Marisa Kunce
Dean, Adult Education
Phone: (708) 709-3684
Office: ATOC 105

Elda Godinez
Administrative Assistant, Adult Education
Phone: (708) 709-3719
Office: ATOC 104

Trish Thornton
WIOA Navigator, Adult Education
Phone: (708) 709-3719
Office: ATOC 104

Virginia Garcia
Career Pathway Advisor, Adult Education
Phone: (708) 709-3721
Office: ATOC 128

Kisha Brown
Adult Literacy Specialist, Adult Education

Phone: (708) 709-3516

Adult Literacy Request for Information

Jennifer Eick-Magan
Associate Professor / Coordinator, English as a Second Language
Phone: (708) 709-3722
Office: ATOC 124

Angioletta Maltbia
Student Services Specialist, Adult Education
Phone: (708) 709-7931
Office: ATOC 129
ABE/High School Equivalency Request for Information

Yesenia Garcia
ESL Student Services Specialist, Adult Education 
Phone:(708) 709-3790
Office: ATOC 128
ESL Request for Information/Para más información

Laura Guill
 Assistant Professor / Coordinator, Adult Basic and Secondary Education 
Phone: (708) 709-7910
Office: ATOC 126

How much do classes cost?

When is registration?
Registrations are in August for fall semester and in December for spring semester.Contact us or check our website for specific registration dates and times.

When do classes meet?
Each class meets twice per week. Classes are offered morning (9:30-12:20) and evening (6:30-9:20).

Do I need to buy books for my class?
No. Books and other class materials are provided by the Adult Education program.

What do I need in order to register?

  • Bring a photo ID.
  • Arrive on time.
  • Do not bring children.

Do you have classes off campus?
Not at this time. Check back for updated information.

 What does ESL mean?
English as a Second Language

How long will it take me to learn English?
Language learning is different for everyone.

What is the ESL Bridge to Healthcare Careers program?
This program prepares advanced-level learners of English to be successful in a healthcare career.

What ESL classes do you offer?
Six levels of ESL:
(Note: Each level takes approximately one year to complete.)

  1. Beginning 1
  2. Beginning 2
  3. Intermediate 1
  4. Intermediate 2
  5. Advanced
  6. Advanced Reading and Writing
  • Bridge to Healthcare Careers program
  • Citizenship Training

Who is allowed to register for ESL classes?
Non-native English speaking adults 18 and older may attend ESL classes regardless of immigration status. 16-17 year olds who have not completed high school may register but must provide a Letter of Separation from a US high school.

What GED classes do you offer?

  • Adult Basic Education classes in Math and Reading/Writing
  • Adult Secondary Education classes in Math, Reading/Writing, Science and Social Studies
  • Bridge Programs
  • GED en Español.

How do I take the GED test?
Go to  and set up a myGED account.

Who is allowed to register for GED classes?
Adults 18 years and older who do not have a high school credential. 16-17 year olds who have not completed high school may register but must provide a Letter of Separation from their high school and must attend an orientation session.

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