Our Mission

The primary mission of the  South Suburban American Job Center at Prairie State College is to assist Cook County residents with grant-funded training and career opportunities that result in career paths and self-sufficiency.  In addition, assist employers in developing the workforce and identifying qualified candidates to meet their employment needs.

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Location: ATOC 148
Contact: Phone: (708) 709-7975 | Fax: (708) 709-7985
Office Hours: M-F 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
Resource Room Hours: M-F 8:30 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Program Eligibility

Adult or Dislocated Worker programs if you meet one or more of following eligibility guidelines and provide verification and other required documentation:

  1. You are unlikely to return to prior industry or occupation
  2. You were laid off or terminated due to a plant closure or substantial layoff
  3. You were formerly self-employed but are currently unemployed
  4. You are a Displaced Homemaker
  5. You are currently receiving unemployment benefits
  6. Currently employed but, receiving wages below the low income standard for WIA eligibility
  7. Currently receiving SNAP or TANF benefits from the State of Illinois


Career Counseling
Our Resource Room or Career Services Specialist can help you research different options and create a plan to meet your career goals.

Training and Education
Opportunities for training vouchers for WIOA approved training programs of customer choice.
Visit https://www.illinoisworknet.com/Training/Pages/WIOATrainingProgramSearch.aspx  for a list of WIOA-approved training programs.

NOTE:  Individuals must be Workforce Investment Act (WIA) eligible in order to access these training programs.  Those who qualify to receive assistance will have their tuition, books, fees and instructional materials paid up to the maximum amount allowed.

Job Development /Placement
Through our connection to employers within Cook County, we offer you access to companies hiring now and looking to hire in the near future.

Resource Room
Materials and resources to promote the latest job market information, employment listings, Internet access, interactive tutorial software, job search and job posting tools. All materials and resources are available and free of charge to the general public.

Our workshops cover topics such as career exploration, resume writing, interviewing and life skills, basic computer skills, financial literacy, and job retention.

The South Suburban American Job Center at Prairie State College can connect you to community resources for everything from child care to adult literacy programs.

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