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Student Complaint

Student Complaint Form

Informal Complaints
Students displeased with any aspect of their academic experience, outside of final grades are encouraged to initiate complaint redress with the source. Students with issues regarding classroom instruction are first encouraged to address the issue with their instructor. If remedy cannot be achieved the student is directed to the Dean or Administrator of the division for reconciliation of the concern. The Dean works closely with the student and related faculty to resolve the informal complaint.

Formal Complaints
A complaint is not considered formal until a student has completed a student complaint form. Students can access this form via the college website. Formal student complaints are triaged and investigated by the Manager of Compliance and Effectiveness. The Manager of Compliance and Effectiveness presents recommendations for remediation to the Dean or Administrator. Complaints about course delivery including rigor or alleged faculty misconduct are redressed directly by the subject area Dean. 

Student Complaints about Final grades are managed through the Academic Affairs, Grade Change Appeal Process.https://prairiestate.edu/academics/procedure-for-grade-appeal/index-review.aspx
Sexual Misconduct
Complaints related to Sexual Misconduct are managed through the Prairie State College Title IX adjudication procedures. https://prairiestate.edu/student-services/health-and-safety/title9/index.aspx