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Teresa McCannFaculty Development Coordinator
(708) 708-3643

About: Mission Statement
Prairie State College's Faculty Development Committee is dedicated to developing and supporting professional development opportunities for all full-time and adjunct faculty.

To achieve our mission, the Faculty Development Committee will:

  • assist faculty in their teaching and learning.
  • provide effective and efficient resources for faculty.
  • develop monthly programs that discuss teaching approaches, practices, activities, and pedagogies, as well as digital technologies.
  • collaborate and coordinate programs with other departments across campus.

Committee Members (Committee Members Academic Year 2018-2019)

Teresa McCann, Faculty Development Coordinator
Brianna Abate, Associate Professor, Communication
Christa Adam, Professor, Biology
Erica Lannan, Associate Professor, Biology
Natalie McGathey, Associate Professor Mathematics

About: Information About Us
We are a faculty led committee and any faculty member (full time or adjunct) is encouraged to participate. The committee meets monthly to determine the needs of the faculty, develop programs to assist those needs and serve as a resource for faculty. The committee is responsible for developing the Fall and Spring Faculty Convocations, monthly Better Teaching Workshops and the Annual Summer Institute held in May.

About: Who can join?
The committee is open to all faculty.  Anyone interested in developing programs is welcome to join.  We encourage everyone to give suggestions based on the needs of the faculty in individual departments, disciplines, etc. We meet monthly and we usually meet the 3rd Monday of the month from 2:30-3:30 pm.  The locations may vary so please visit the calendar or contact the Faculty Development Coordinator.

The programs listed below are open to all faculty.  It is encouraged that faculty RSVP (to those that ask for an RSVP) to ensure that there are enough copies for handouts and the room is large enough to accommodate all participants.

 If you are interested in presenting or have an idea for a workshop, please reach out to the Faculty Development Coordinator or come to a meeting.  The committee is always looking for presenters and ideas! 

Programs: Faculty
On this page, we will list all of the programs that we have planned.  As soon as a program is planned for faculty, it will be listed here as well as the calendar.  A short description will also be included.  All faculty (both part time and full time) will also receive an email from the Faculty Development Coordinator.  Please be aware that if the program description and/or email requests an RSVP, faculty are asked to do so.  This will help the committee make sure enough copies are available as well as have a classroom large enough to accommodate all the participants.

Programs: Calendar
Below is the calendar for Faculty Development.  It will show Faculty Development Meetings, Better Teaching Workshops, Convocation as well as Summer Institute.  All trainings affiliated with D2L, online teaching and other professional development opportunities are listed here as well.

Services: Faculty Support
The Faculty Development Committee strives to provide support to all faculty.  We work with all faculty to help improve the teaching and learning process. If you are in need of help or would like to work with someone on the committee to improve any areas of your teaching, please contact the Faculty Development Coordinator to set up a meeting. 

Services: Teaching Support
The Faculty Development Committee will help any faculty who is voluntarily seeking advice regarding a variety of topics. Some of the topics include:

Syllabus writing what goes into a syllabus? What policies should be included?  What policies need to be included? Samples are available upon request.
Exams what are the benefits of multiple choice vs essay? Should they be offered in person or on a computer?
Bloom’s taxonomy what is it? How can it be incorporated in exams, assignments, etc?
Rubrics how to write effective rubrics. Samples are available upon request.
Course Objectives and Campus Wide Learning Objectives What are they? Why are they important? Learn how to write them and make sure they are measurable.

These are just a sample of the topics that the Faculty Development Committee can assist other faculty members.  If there are topics that are not listed here but relate to improving teaching and learning, please reach out to the Faculty Development Coordinator.

Services: Technology Support
The Faculty Development Committee in conjunction with the Manager of Online Learning and Information Technology Resources (ITR) work together to provide support regarding integrating technology in the class.  Regular workshops are provided by the Manager of Online Learning (please see calendar).  Below are some topics where faculty can receive support:

  • Developing a course in D2L
  • Using any aspect of D2L (ranging from uploading a syllabus or using the gradebook to using rubrics to assess assignments or discussion posts)
  • Learning the basics of Microsoft Word
  • Building visually attractive and effective PowerPoint presentations and incorporating them into teaching
  • Learning how to use the teacher’s desk in the classrooms
  • Using any aspect of the Google account (email, Google drive, Google docs)

If there are topics that are not listed and the faculty member is not sure which department can help, please reach out to the Faculty Development Coordinator to be pointed in the right direction.

Resources: Teaching
The Faculty Development Committee works with faculty to provide support to enhance teaching and learning.  There are a number of resources available to faculty through in person consultation, online tutorials and websites.  If there are additional resources that should be added, please contact the Faculty Development Coordinator.

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