Getting Help When You Need It

Getting Help When You Need It

I’m worried about whether my son will be able to do the work. Is there any assistance for him if he is having trouble in a class?

PSC provides a great deal of support for students. There is, however, a big difference in the way high school and college teachers interact with students. In college, responsibility rests entirely upon the student. Thus, it is important that your son learns early in his college career to seek the help that he needs. PSC professors are very accessible and encourage students to come to visit them during their office hours if they need help. In addition, the Student Success Center (SSC) provides free tutoring in all subject areas. Encourage your son to drop by the SSC and schedule time with a private tutor. No student should fail at PSC for lack of support and assistance. However, it is important for your son to remember that in college he will be responsible for seeking the help he needs.

My son has a learning disability. Is there any support available for him at PSC?

PSC has a wide variety of services for students with special needs, but the process is again very different from the one used in high school. According to federal law, colleges are not permitted to ask for information about a student’s special need on their application or registration form. Thus all college students who desire services must self-identify and provide documentation on their special need. We ask students at PSC to make an appointment with Disability Services by calling 708-709-3755) or emailing disabilityservices@prairiestate.edu.

My daughter seems to be doing fine now, but she had some personal problems when she was in high school. Where should she go if she needs help while she is at PSC?

Encourage her to go to the Counseling and Academic Advising Center. Any of our staff would be happy to talk with her, but one of our counselors, Shannon Word, has special training and expertise in working with troubled students. If Ms. Word determines that your daughter has a serious problem, she will recommend she seek outside help.