Importance of Getting Involved

Importance of Getting Involved

My daughter has always been rather introverted. I’m afraid she won’t get involved on campus. Do you have any suggestions?

You are right to be concerned. All the research shows that students who are involved on campus in a club, athletics, student government, the newspaper, etc. are much happier with their college experience and much more likely to finish college. Community colleges are easy places to get involved. Since there are no juniors or seniors, there are lots more opportunities for freshmen and sophomores! Encourage your daughter to attend the Student Involvement Fest, a part of the New Student Convocation during the first week of classes. At the fest she will be able to stop by activities booths and sign up to become involved in areas of her interest. She can also drop by the Student Leadership Center and share her interests with the coordinator, Helen Manley, who will help her find a way to get involved on campus.

  • Helen Manley, Coordinator of Student Life, (708) 709-3921
My son played sports in high school but he hasn’t been contacted by a PSC coach. Is it too late to try out for the soccer or baseball team?

We encourage all interested students to go out for athletics or intramural sports. If your son is interested in any sport, he should contact our athletic director who will put him in touch with a coach. If he would prefer to play just for fun, encourage him to sign up for intramurals or register for a physical education class, including the physical fitness class, which permits him to work out in the Fitness Center on campus.

  • Director, Physical Education and Athletics (708) 709-7836