Paying for College

Paying for College

We are going to need some financial assistance to help with my daughter’s college expenses. How can we get help?

All students needing financial assistance need to go to the Financial Aid Office to check out federal grants (PELL), state grants (MAP) and scholarships. The most important way you can help your daughter complete this process is to provide her with your recent tax return, which she will need to complete the FAFSA form that is required for all financial assistance. Again, it is very important to get this form filed quickly so that we can assist you in applying for state and federal grants. Students who delay this process are frequently disappointed to learn that by the time they receive notification of their grant award it is too late for them to begin classes in August. You may also have read in the paper recently that the legislature has proposed cuts to the state MAP program. Students will get grants on a first-come, first-served basis, so we want our students to file immediately!

The Prairie State College Foundation provides assistance to many students with financial need who may not qualify for state or federal funding. Applications for Foundation awards are available in the Financial Aid Office and online. We also can work with students to secure loans to pay for their tuition and fees. Nobody likes to have to borrow money, but there is no better investment for a young person than to invest in her college education. Three years after she pays off her car loan, she will just have an older car, but her college education will continue to grow in value, providing her with the opportunity to make much more income than a high school graduate. Finally, there are many opportunities for students to find part-time work, both on and off-campus. For example, check out the UPS Earn and Learn Program that provides students with a part-time job and money for college tuition and fees.

  • Grace McGinnis, Director of Financial Aid, (708) 709-3519
  • Deborah Havighorst, Executive Director, Institutional Advancement and the PSC Foundation, (708) 709-7918
  • Shannon Butler, UPS Recruiter, (708) 670-4833, cil2sxb@ups.com

My son just registered and came home with the bill for tuition and fees for the fall semester. I know that our family will not qualify for financial aid, but do we have to pay that entire bill now?

Tuition may be paid, in full, by cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card. A driver’s license or State ID is required for all checks (the driver’s license number of the person writing the check must be written on submitted checks). The college now offers an online tuition installment payment plan for your convenience. The installment plan, called FACTS, provides a method to budget tuition expenses during the semester. Students can connect to the Nelnet e-Cashier Web site. For further details about installment payment plans, pick up a brochure in the Business Office (Room 1110) or visit www.factsmgt.com. There is a $30 fee per term for using an installment plan.

  • Business Office, (708) 709-3574

My daughter wants to go to the College Bookstore now to buy her texts for fall. Is that a good idea?

The texts for fall classes will be on the shelves in early to mid-August. It is always a good idea to shop early for books before classes begin. Be sure to tell your daughter that she needs to take her class schedule with her when she goes to buy books since the books are shelved according to the course number and section. Your daughter shouldn’t make any marks in her books until she has attended class and confirmed that she has the right books. Eligible students may also sign up for an installment payment plan for their books.

Chicagoland Regional College Program (CRCP)

Looking for a way to earn your degree debt-free?  Consider the Chicagoland Regional College Program.  The CRCP offers up to $2,625 in tuition assistance, a part-time job at UPS in Hodgkins, Illinois, a $100 monthly transportation allowance and a $300 or $500 monthly bonus to help college students avoid loan debt.  To learn more, visit www.crcprogram.com and register for an upcoming open house.  Or contact a representative:


Servelure M. Bostick
Associate Executive Director
(708) 387-4622