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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the Speech Team?
The Speech Team provides students with the opportunity to improve their speaking skills while participating in intercollegiate competition. Just as with a sports team, members travel to different colleges and universities around Illinois (and beyond) to compete in tournaments against the students of other colleges and universities.

What happens at the tournaments?
Students typically compete in one or more events (such as Persuasive speaking or Prose Interpretation--click here to see an explanation of the different events) at each tournament. Judges will listen to their presentations, and trophies or medals will be awarded to the top six competitors in each event.

Can I join the PSC Speech Team?
Yes, you can. The Speech Team has regular practice sessions as indicated below. During these meetings, coaches will offer advice and assistance in developing members' presentations. Team members also help each other.

Can I earn credit hours if I join the PSC Speech Team?
Now you can be a part of the Speech Team AND earn a credit hour too. When you enroll in Comm 196, you are automatically a part of the Speech Team. While you practice your events and attend the Speech Tournaments, you will also earn one elective credit hour!

For more information contact Dana Trunnell via email at dtrunnell@prairiestate.edu or via phone at 708-709-3798 or Josh Green via email at jgreen@prairiestate.edu

Meeting Schedule:

Tuesday and Thursday at 2-3 p.m. in Room 2612

Other days and times will be arranged in Room 2193.