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Hello PSC Student. We are so glad that you are interested in joining a club, getting a club re-recognized or starting a new club. Getting involved is a great way to build your resume, meet new people, gain skills that will help you both inside and outside of the classroom, as well as discover more about yourself, find out about resources around the college, and information about internships, scholarships and volunteer opportunities. One way to move forward is to be seen and heard. Student Life can help you in so many ways, and our clubs and organizations have done so much for the students, the college and the community. If you have any questions through the process, please do not hesitate to contact Helen Manley at hmanley@prairiestate.edu. We are looking forward to having you join us.

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How To Start Your Own Student Club

Step 1: Get Your Club Recognized

Each school year, clubs have to get re-recognized, so the student who will be responsible for getting it going again will need to fill out the 2021-2022 club recognition packet.

Since we are a virtual campus at this time, you do not have to fill out the Organization Petition page.

Please disregard the page titled: Organization Petition 2021-2022 included in the Student Club and Organization Recognition Packet. Since we are a virtual campus, we realize you will not be able to get student signatures and ID numbers, but you will have to have ID numbers for your officers on the Membership Roster and Officer Information pages.

Step 2: Find Executive Officers

You will need students to fill the Executive Officers’ positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, SGA Rep). You will also need an Advisor and a Constitution. A Guide for writing a Constitution can be found on the Student Government website.

If you need help finding an Advisor, or club members, please let us know and we can help you.

Step 3: Verify Club Members and Mission Statement

After the form is completed, please attach your club’s constitution, which should also include the club name and its mission statement and send it to hmanley@prairiestate.edu

Then the packet is looked over and the members are verified to make sure they are currently enrolled at PSC and have a GPA of 2.0 or above. If you are joining SGA, then the GPA must be 2.5 or above.

Step 4: Verification by Student Government and Conducting Club Meetings

Once everything has been verified, the packet goes to the Student Government Association to vote on the club being officially recognized. Then we will notify you that your club is now official.

Since we are a virtual campus at this time, some things we need to do a bit differently, so we will then let you know the next steps. Club meetings will be virtual. Those can be set up by your Advisor or a member of the club. Your Advisor needs to be present at the club meetings.