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PSC Asset Disposal Procedures

PSC Asset Disposal Procedures

Property Disposal ProceduresSustainability, Equity, Environment, Economics

Employees and departments with surplus equipment should follow the procedures below for reallocating or disposing of the equipment. Employees should obtain proper supervisor approval before submitting a request for disposal.


Submit Maintenance Direct Form

If you have an item you or your department no longer need, please submit a Maintenance Direct request and select the Problem Type "Surplus."  In the description field, please be sure to include:

  • a description of the item(s),
  • the PSC Asset Tag Number, if applicable,
  • the approximate age and condition,
  • the location of the item, and
  • the reason for disposal.
  • If you have a recommendation as to the best option for disposal (repurposing/sale/donation/scrap), please include this recommendation in the description field.

Complete Disposal/Relocation of Fixed Assets Form if Requested

If the item will be disposed of or sold and has a historical cost of $500 or more, the Assistant Controller will request you submit the Disposal/Relocation of Fixed Assets Form.


  • A dean or vice president's approval is required for disposal or sale of items of $500 – $5,000.  
  • The president must approve disposal of items between $5,000 – $10,000, and
  • The Board of Trustees must approve disposal or sale of items of $10,000 cost or greater, per Policy D-5.

The Sustainability Center will explore options to dispose of surplus items using the following hierarchy of actions:

  1. Repurposing
    Equipment will first be repurposed within the College. The Sustainability Center will notify PSC employees of available equipment or furniture.  
  2. Sale
    If equipment cannot be repurposed within the College, the College will explore options to sell the equipment.
  3. Donation for Reuse
    Equipment that has little residual value or would benefit an organization in need will be considered for donation to a nonprofit or other organization. The Sustainability Center will work with Facilities to identify potential local organizations to donate surplus.
  4. Recycle/Salvage/Trash
    If the equipment cannot be repurposed, sold, or donated for reuse, the Sustainability Center/ Physical Plant and Facilities will contact the College's recycler/salvage company to determine if they will accept the item(s) and  if not, will arrange for trash disposal.

Download the full version of PSC's Surplus Procedure.

Electronic Equipment Disposal

Electronic equipment contains hazardous materials and should not be disposed of in a landfill. The Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act prohibits landfilling many types of electronic products. The College has identified outlets to properly dispose of these items.