English Learner Academic Support

Would you like to go to college, but English is not your first language?
Prairie State College offers academic courses and academic advising services for students from all over the world whose first language is not English.

Students will:

  • Build academic English language skills
  • Learn more about American culture and academics
  • Take classes with other students from a variety of countries

The English Learner Academic Support is comprised of:

  1. Credit-level courses created to support students whose first language is not English through college and career training programs
  2. Academic English consultation sessions. Professor Ezekiel Flannery provides 30-minute, one-on-one consultations to help current students who speak English as an additional/second language with their academic coursework.
  3. English Learner Academic Advisor who provides assistance with:
    1. Academic planning
    2. Enrollment process
    3. Foreign credential evaluation
    4. Financial aid orientation
    5. Provide referral to necessary services
For more information, contact:
Miguel Murillo, English Learner Advisor
(708) 709-3538
Ezekiel Flannery, Assistant Professor/Coordinator
(708) 709-3597