Male Success Initiative (MSI) Events/Meetings:

The MSI hour meets bi-weekly to provide a forum for men of color to unite with Prairie State College (PSC) faculty and staff regarding issues most pertinent to their lives males through mentoring and leadership development.

Upcoming Events

March 2019

MSI Hour 6th
Speakers: Conference Center –“The Ties That Bind” networking event, 7th
Northern Illinois University Visit
Cultural Event: Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center
The Ties That Bind, Mar. 21, Conference Center - Click here to register

April 2019
MSI Hour Speaker: Aremu Mbande, Assistant Director of the African- American Male Resource Center at Chicago State University, Sense of Self 3rd
MSI - M-PACE Survey, Institutional Research
MSI-DDP and GSU-MSI End-Of-Term (tbd)

Past Events


February 2019
Voter’s registration atrium MSI / Alpha Phi Alpha Inc., Fraternity
MSI-DDP table atrium –Governors State University, Dual Degree Program
MSI Hour Leadership Development 6th
MSI Business Workshop, Feb. 20, Rm. 1315
MSI Music Open Mic Wednesday, Jonathan Pierre, Associate Professor
Jonathan Pierre – Associate Professor, Music of the African Diaspora

January 2019
MSI Hour Workshop: Real Men…..Mental Health issues discussion, Shannon Word, Counselor
Young Entrepreneurs Lecture, Wed., Jan 23th

October 2018
Cultural Event: Chicago Fed's Money Museum, 3rd
MSI Hour, 10th
MSI/Sarah Hein - Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Process,
Cultural Event: MSI-DDP GSU Movie, 23rd
MSI Hour, Workshop Business/Interview Apparel, Nathan Wright, Excel, 24th
MSI/Gallup Clifton Strengths for Students assessment

November 2018
Cultural Event: DuSable Museum of African American History, Clearing A Path For Democracy: Citizen Soldiers Of The Illinois Fighting Eighth, 6th
MSI Hour/Curricular Enhancement: Thane Montaner, Associate Professor/Collection Management Librarian, 7th
Governors State University visit 8th
MSI Hour, College Success, Dr. Adane Kassa, Institutional Research,14th
Men’s Leadership Conference, DDP-MSI 16th
Service Learning: South Suburban Pads

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