Special University Programs

Governors State University Dual Degree Program (GSU DDP)


Full-time students with a 2.0+ GPA and less than 45 college credits are eligible to join DDP. Participating students will receive early advising from a GSU transfer specialist while completing their degree at PSC and locking in their future GSU tuition rate at a lower cost than through the traditional admissions process. PSC students participating in DDP can compete for full-tuition scholarships applied to the last two years of their degree program at GSU. More than 60 PSC students have earned full tuition scholarships to GSU through this program since its creation in 2010. Check out the GSU Promise and DDP Honors scholarships for more information about their additional eligibility requirements. Email GSU Transfer Specialist Sharita Walker at swalker3@govst.edu to learn more about or sign up for the program.


Midwestern University Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program (PPA)


Qualifying high school students or PSC freshmen have the opportunity to interview for the PPA program to complete an early assurance program. If accepted to PPA and upon successful completion of program requirements at PSC, the student has a seat saved for them in Midwestern’s Chicago College of Pharmacy for the Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) program and the PCAT is waived. Students can apply to this program as early as their high school senior year and as late as the end of their PSC freshmen year.


Roosevelt University Pharmacy Partners Program


PSC students with a 3.0+ GPA and at least one Pharmacy required PSC Biology or Chemistry class have the opportunity to apply and interview for early acceptance into Roosevelt’s Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) program. If accepted into the program, students need to complete their Pharmacy prerequisites at PSC within two years and maintain the required GPA. Students in this program do not need to take the PCAT or apply through PharmCAS. Questions about the program? Email cop@roosevelt.edu for more information


Saint Xavier University Dual Degree Partnership


Students with a 2.0+ GPA, at least two full time semesters, and 45 or fewer college credits are eligible to join SXU DDP. Joining earlier is highly recommended to get the greatest benefit from the program -- up to two years before the expected associate’s degree completion. Students will receive early advising from SXU and access to special events and workshops at SXU. Participating in this program gives students access to additional SXU scholarships, including the opportunity to compete for a full tuition scholarship. The scholarship’s additional requirements are here . Qualifying students will have guaranteed admission to the major of their choice, with the exception of Nursing which has selective admissions. Qualifying students majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders have the opportunity to pursue direct admission to SXU’s Speech-Language Pathology master’s program with reduced graduate tuition, pending satisfactory completion of bachelor’s requirements. For more information, contact Eileen Luce at luce@sxu.edu.


University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)


Qualifying students have the opportunity to have their future UIC admission guaranteed through the TAG program. Full- or part-time PSC students can sign up for this program one to three years before their planned transfer to UIC and receive additional assistance from a UIC TAG advisor while still attending PSC. To have their future UIC admission guaranteed, students will need to maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA and take qualifying PSC courses to meet their major’s program course requirements. Go to the UIC TAG webpage more information.