Threat Assessment Team

The TAT Team

Threat Assessment Team
The purpose of the Threat Assessment Team is to review significant behavioral incidents and Student misconduct that may violate PSC policies and/or Code of Conduct. The Threat Assessment Team’s goal is to help protect the health, safety, and welfare of the entire PSC community. This includes students, faculty, and staff. The team will provide a systematic response utilizing best practices to prevent campus violence and provide supportive services to the Prairie State College community.

The Threat Assessment Team receives and reviews information obtained from a reporting party, witness or observer in order to determine whether a threat is present.  Additional responsibilities include reviewing patterns or practices that may indicate a potential for violence, investigating and assisting other Prairie State College officials or representatives in dealing with serious threats and/or incidents of violence.  The Threat Assessment Team is not intended to address workplace issues that are regularly handled by the Office of Human Recourses.

The team consists of faculty, law enforcement, human resources, legal counsel, and mental health professionals. It may also include other persons and organizations deemed appropriate to a particular circumstance.

Reporting Incidents

In cases where there is an imminent risk of violence to self or others or where safety is of immediate concern, contact the PSC Police Department at extension 7777 or call 911.

Where the safety risk or threat of violence is not immediate, concerns regarding disturbing behavior may be reported by submitting the following report.  Each member of the Threat Assessment Team will receive an electronic copy of the submitted report. Reports are reviewed daily during normal college business hours.  Anyone who submits a report will receive an automated confirmation upon submittal of the report.


Behavior Incident Report