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PSC Model Illinois Government

PSC Model Illinois Government

Model Illinois Government is a structured legislative simulation. Undergraduate students may participate by role-playing various legislative positions. These positions include: legislators, executive officers, lobbyists, journalists, budget analysts, and all party leadership positions.  Students role-playing legislators are assigned a political party and districts and are placed in legislative committees. Delegation awards and individual awards are given based on performance during the simulation. 

MOOT Court Competition
Held concurrently with Model Illinois Government, a Moot Court competition also takes place. Teams of attorneys argue before a panel of student justices and legal professionals and are scored based on presentation and knowledge of the case fact. Individual and team awards are presented at the end of the simulation, and students may also campaign for Executive Board positions (Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller, etc.) to take a more active role in the organization of the simulation.

TITLE IX CONCERNS at Model Illinois Government
Sexual harassment or discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, age, or disability is not acceptable. Such acts are incompatible with Model Illinois Government educational mission and are a violation of our Conduct Expectations. Violators may be expelled from the conference without compensation. General descriptions of behavior that may be considered sexual harassment can be found at: https://prairiestate.edu/student-services/health-and-safety/title9/index.aspx 

Anyone who believes they have seen or encountered sexual harassment or discrimination should bring it to the TitleIX Coordinator's attention. We will investigate the merits of the allegations and respond appropriately. Outcomes may include taking no action, issuing a verbal reprimand, separating individuals from the conference, or any other action deemed appropriate.