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Federal Education Benefits for Dependents of Veterans (Chapter 35)

Federal Education Benefits for Dependents of Veterans (Chapter 35)


How to apply 

The PSC veterans affairs advisor can provide VA Form 22-5490  (Application for Survivor and Dependents Educational Assistance) to apply for  Chapter 35 benefits. A copy of this form may also be downloaded from www.va.gov/vaforms. Submit the completed form to the veterans affairs advisor  at Prairie State College.       

What determines  eligibility?

If a veteran is totally disabled due to service connected  injuries or diseases, or is an MIA/POW as determined by congress, the spouse  and dependent children may apply

How are the recipients  selected?

The US Department of Veterans Affairs reviews the  applications and makes the selection based on their guidelines.

How is the amount of  the award determined?

The amount of the annual award is determined by Congress.  The program will pay for half-time through full-time attendance, and is subject  to cost of living increases each year

How and when are the  funds paid out

The applications are submitted to the regional Department of  Veterans Affairs in St. Louis. Initial payments may take two months to begin.  Once the student begins receiving their monthly check, they will be paid each  month for the previous month's attendance. The student can receive benefits for  the equivalent of 45 full-time months.